Thursday, June 01, 2023

As the Jewish Link continues to expand, the number of schools with which we partner grows as well. Each issue has seen the Schools and Sports sections slowly but surely overtaking the surrounding pages, often spilling into Community News. While we are thrilled with the overwhelming excitement from the schools and our readers for these pages, we have determined that to accommodate this growth we will need to make some changes going forward.

Effective immediately, we will allow our partner schools to submit as many photos and articles as they wish on a weekly basis. We promise to lose only two thirds of them, and guarantee they will all get in eventually.

We recognize that adding additional schools content to our present structure would likely result in a 200-page paper and that this is something no amount of advertising could support. With that in mind, we will eliminate all world news from the newspaper, along with any extraneous news from our local shuls or community institutions, in order to allow for the Schools and Sports sections to run from pages 1 through 40, with the caveat that pages 67 through 88 will be dedicated to Real Estate articles entirely about how to get mortgages, why you didn’t get a mortgage, what mortgages are and why this or that guy should be the guy to get you your mortgage.

However, it should be noted that the following conditions will apply to our school partners’ submissions:

Frisch will get 10 full pages of content, 100 percent about field trips, guest speakers or competition wins. There will never be any actual learning highlighted and no losses, ever. And they don’t have a deadline.

RYNJ stories will always be placed at the top of any given page. The photos must be much, much bigger.

Bruriah will never print photos of women.

RTMA will only print photos of women.

Same with Heichal HaTorah.

TABC will only include photos of their male students wearing pink shirts.

MTA will buy the rights to rename the paper to the MTA Link of New Jersey.

SINAI Schools will reprint the weekly front page article about SINAI on the Holy Name billboard by Route 4.

JKHA can send unlimited content during the Scholastic Book Fair week.

RKYHS will only send stories about Rabbi Kirsch taking students on trips when there are snowstorms.

BPY will change its tagline to “You don’t have to be Sephardic to attend.”

Whatever Yeshivat Noam wants, Yeshivat Noam gets: Otherwise, half of our paper will no longer be invited to Hagler/Glick/Kinderlehrer family simchas.

Yavneh will only submit photos of students wearing costumes, even when it is not Purim.

Moriah will only send articles related to their new marketing manager, Maccabeat Ari Lewis.

Yeshivat He’Atid students will never ask why the Bergenfield Police Commissioner has carpool duty.

Ma’ayanot will never send photos of students wearing skirts, but they will be mad at us for printing them.

Lubavitch on the Palisades will feature their security guys from El Al.

RPRY will only be allowed to send photos of its adorable-2s students.

All articles about new Heads of School appointments will be on the cover, but only if they were in RIETS at the same time as Moshe Kinderlehrer.

Assuming this change proves successful, we will be open to the possibility of expanding Schools and Sports into pages 41-66 as well.

By The Editors

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