Monday, March 27, 2023

While recent high school grads are enjoying their summer in camp, relaxing or touring, moms and dads are certainly thinking ahead to when in a few short weeks their children will be leaving home for the first time. Stores and catalogues are full of suggested college-dorm accessories to provide the incoming students with some of the comforts of home.

What do you do when you child is leaving for a year to study abroad, specifically in Israel? Travelers are now severely limited by luggage allowances, as well as the usual electrical requirements, and cultural and language barriers (and if you think these last two aren’t issues, you’ve clearly never dealt with customer service departments in the Holy Land). How can you possibly fit everything your child will need for the year in one or even two suitcases? Will your child be able to acquire what he or she needs to fill any gaps?

Batya Paul of Bergenfield engaged Israel-based Tamarim Concierge before sending her daughter off to seminary. “Tamarim offered a quick and easy option to purchase some of the household items our daughter would need, including a set of drawers, hangers and even an Israeli blow dryer, and had it delivered to our daughter’s school prior to her arrival,” she explained. “This was an invaluable service, giving us a sense of calm as we would be packing her up for an entire year and space in her suitcases was limited.”

For the past three years, Tamarim has been delivering just what students need, right to their dorm rooms, before the school year begins. Far more than just blankets, pillows and linens, the company delivers shelving units, small appliances, ironing boards, fans, Shabbat lamps, storage units, power cords, adapters—even small refrigerators!

Once the school year is under way, Tamarim also helps bridge the 6,000 miles between parents and students. This first-time, long-term separation can be difficult on both ends, and Tamarim offers a wide range of options to make things just a bit easier.

“As the year progressed, again I called upon Tamarim Concierge to provide a ‘pick me up’ gift when our daughter was missing home,” Batya continued. “We sent Chanukah and Purim gifts to our daughter, niece and nephews, and were able to arrange a beautiful thank you gift to close friends who opened their home to our daughter all year long.”

Tamarim works with clients to make it easy to send smiles and hugs from home with custom-made gifts. Surprise your child with a birthday balloon bouquet combined with an ice cream party to share with friends, favorite-flavor birthday cake delivered with a handwritten note from home, or fresh-cut fruit and vegetable platters (to make sure they are eating more than schnitzel and falafel). Gifts are always created according to client specifications and hand delivered directly to the student.

Be sure to visit www.TamarimConcierge.com, where you can find a variety of student-dorm-pack suggestions, as well as ideas for gifts throughout the year.

A version of this article appeared originally on www.tamarimconcierge.com. All rights reserved.

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