Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Ramat Gan, Israel—For the second consecutive year, students from AMIT Ginsburg Bar Ilan Gush Dan Junior and Senior High School for Boys won first place in the Junior High division of the national cyber championship, which was run last week by the Ministry of Education. In addition, a team of ninth-grade students from AMIT Wasserman High School in Be’er Sheva won third place in the programming division.

The Cyber Championship is a unique program in which students learn the basics of cyber, programming and computers. After a quarter of a million children and 1,900 schools (grades 3 through 12) participated in preliminary competitions between the schools, 270 schools were chosen to go on to the finals. The AMIT Bar Ilan team reached the finals with a very high rating, and in preparation for the final stage participated in intensive training camps in which they practiced various programming techniques

Amnon Eldar, director general of AMIT, congratulated the winners and said that AMIT emphasizes excellence among students who have the potential to achieve extraordinary achievements in the cyber field.

Liat Carmon-Colette, coordinator of the cyber program at AMIT Bar Ilan commented, “The Cyber Championship was a challenging and special experience for all 300 students in the school’s Junior High. All have been exposed to the skills of self-learning in writing and understanding code. In addition, the students in the cyber track who represented us in the finals performed tasks that required high-level algorithmic thinking and teamwork under stress. The hard work and creative thinking, which are crucial skills for the 21st century, empowered the team to win the championship.”

Tomer Shuper, principal at AMIT Bar Ilan, stated, “We encourage our students to achieve excellence in every field, and believe in the development of advanced technological skills that will not only benefit our students on a personal level but will also enable them to contribute significantly to Israel.”

Founded in 1925, AMIT is the premier education network in Israel, serving 34,000 students each year in its 110 schools in 29 cities throughout Israel. AMIT enables students to realize their fullest potential and strengthens Israeli society by educating and nurturing children from diverse backgrounds within a framework of academic excellence, religious values and Zionist ideals. For more information, please visit www.amitchildren.org.


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