Monday, August 10, 2020

SWIM/SWEAT for SINAI fundraisers are taking place at local camps throughout the summer.

Campers from Camp Al Haderech were all smiles at its SWEAT for SINAI fundraiser on August 9! Participants won fabulous prizes for raising money to help SINAI students receive the inclusive special education they need. Thank you to all the volunteers and campers who made this event so successful!!

It’s not too late to sponsor a camper here: www.swimforsinai.org. 100% of the proceeds raised through SWEAT for SINAI will go to SINAI’s Scholarship Fund, to help children with a wide range of disabilities receive the inclusive special education they need.

To learn more, organize your own independent event, or simply to donate, please visit: www.sweatforsinai.org  or www.swimforsinai.org