Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Featuring: Yoel Fuld, as photographed and interviewed by David Beyda

Photographed on 10-18-20 at The David Beyda Studio in Teaneck NJ


On favorite travel destination -

The Beresheet hotel in Mitzpe Ramon in Israel. Middle of the desert, very very VIP hotel, next to a crater, amazing cuisine. Smells fantastic… they have a signature scent… If you come to my bathroom, right now, I have one bar of soap left. I have a bottle of hand cream and I have a bottle of shampoo from the hotel. A signature scent!

They are next to an asteroid, a huge crater, something hit it long ago. We Segwayed to the edge and looked in. Nothing in the desert, just Arabs walking around with a string of 14 camels like in Abraham’s time.

On Israel -

I’d like to live in Israel - I feel it’s significant for our people... and it’s less significant to live anywhere else. G-d said this is your country, I’m giving it to you and you should live there.

On Trump -

He’s making America great again.

We both like our steaks well done and we both do not drink.

Trump has treated Israel better than probably any other American President.

American Jews can learn a lot from DJT about loving Israel and the Jews. I can talk for days about that boy. He’s doing what’s right all over the world.

He’s bringing G-d back to public discourse. Standing up for everyone who had no one to stand up for them previously.

What is it like to live his life? He’s living like a superhuman -I don’t admire it much. It’s above normal. He’s in too deep!

On the Parsha this week, Noah -

People should deal with Noah and the flood. G-d wiped out the entire world when it became too depraved. People have to get in control and start acting morally.

What are you wearing?

Bryson Chelsea boots, socks, jeans, work shirt and tie, all by Polo Ralph Lauren; Fur Coat, custom made by Yakov of ErNY, Persian Lamb, inspired by the DeCaprio film The Revenant;
B3 shearling flight jacket by Avirex.

On the B3 Flight Jacket -

It’s my second one. I have been wearing a B3 for 35 years. The world can change. This coat remains the same.

How are you best known?

In Memphis, I sign: Yoel “The King”,

In Italy, it’s “The kind and benevolent Il Duce”,

In Teaneck, owner and proprietor of Kiryas Yoel.

Photos and interview by David Beyda www.davidbeyda.com 

instagram: @davidbeydaphoto­graphy, 212-967-6964, Studios in Manhattan and Teaneck

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