Monday, June 14, 2021

Children can have healthy, screenless play experiences while learning new educational themes each week.

(Courtesy of MailPop) Many of today’s generation of kids have become dependent on technology for fun and entertainment. One thing that has not changed among children is the excitement that they feel when they get something in the mail. MailPop creates beautiful, educational newsletters with fun surprises delivered to mailboxes each week. The newsletters are personally addressed to kids, making them the perfect yet affordable gift, especially during these times.

MailPop plans start for as low as $18 per month. Unlike other items purchased for kids that get used once, MailPop offers worldwide shipping and is a gift that kids can look forward to every week.

The idea for MailPop was inspired by husband and wife founders’ own lockdown experience. “We were at home with our kids, we noticed that they were not paying attention to their online classes as much as we wanted them to and they were spending more time than we like to admit on their screens,” says the couple.

To ensure that customers get factual, credible and award-winning content, MailPop partnered with Encyclopedia Britannica Kids to have a vast collection of content intended for kids ages 3-9 years old. Encyclopedia Britannica has been a widely respected institution in knowledge and learning since 1768.

A portion of MailPop’s proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations focused on underprivileged children with learning disabilities. As protecting the environment is part of their core values, the letters and materials are made using sustainable and recyclable materials.

For more information on MailPop, visit http://www.mailpopkids.com.

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