Monday, July 04, 2022

Featuring Sarah Abenaim, photographed at the David Beyda Studio in Teaneck on 11-17-20

On loving yourself:

You can’t even begin to love other people if you don’t love yourself. It will always creep up and ruin things.

On holding on to old feelings:

I recently threw out my lifetime collection of journals; mostly because I want to focus on who I am now, and not who I was, but also because I don’t want my kids reading them when I die and thinking bad things about me :)

On Ashkenaz vs Sephardic:

I’ve lived my life as both, and I have to say, Sephardim just do it better.

On the Parsha, Vayeshev and dreams:

This Parsha is full of symbolic dreams. I often wonder if the dreams Joseph had about ruling over his brothers came true because he had a prophetic vision or because he believed in them, and that belief manifested their outcome?

On chocolate:

The fastest way to my heart.

On building up self confidence in others:

It is the secret to being magnetic. I wish I knew this when I was younger, and actually cared about being popular.

On designer clothing:

Sometimes wasteful, but sometimes mind-blowingly exceptional.

What are you wearing?:

Red dress- Closet London; Green dress- Atos Lombardini, Italy;  Black jacket- Zara;  Booties by Christian Louboutin.

Sarah Abenaim is a Life Coach specializing in relationships and a Rapid Resolution Therapy practitioner, helping clients release pain, trauma, grief, shame and guilt. She is also a writer, end-of-life-doula, and an aspiring musician. www.sarahlifecoach.com or [email protected]

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