Saturday, May 15, 2021

Talia Siegler, a 10-year-old fifth grader at The Moriah School, is excitedly looking ahead to her bat mitzvah. Though the big day isn’t until April 2022, Talia is eager to spread the word about her “Eye Make a Difference” campaign. Her goal is to collect 500 pairs of gently used readers and glasses to donate to VSP Eyes of Hope, an organization that provides free eye care and eyewear to those in need across the globe.

While brainstorming ideas for a meaningful chesed project, Talia and her mother, Debbie, tried to think of something unique to Talia and channel that as a way to help others. “Talia has worn glasses since she was 3 years old and gets a new pair each year,” said Debbie. “She questioned what kids who can’t afford new glasses do, so we searched online and found the Eye Make a Difference Campaign, through the VSP Eyes of Hope program.” Talia will ship all the donations she collects directly to VSP Eyes of Hope, where the frames will be refitted and distributed to children and adults worldwide.

“I like this bat mitzvah project because it relates to me since I wear glasses and I’m happy to help people who don’t have enough money to buy glasses,” said Talia. To date she has collected 60-plus pairs, with promises of many more on the way from New York City, Long Island and as far away as Florida!

Debbie shared: “Talia is so excited about this project and literally checks the collection box outside our front door each day when she gets home from school. She is so grateful for the donations, and texts each donor individually to thank them. It’s nice to see her feel so proud and excited to help others!”

Collections will continue until April 2022, with many reminders and incentives to donate along the way. Currently there is a collection box at the Siegler home and at the Bar Method Closter, where a donation entitles you to 10 percent off merchandise or a class pack.

Contact Debbie at [email protected] for donation locations. #eyecanhelptalia

By Michal Rosenberg