Monday, July 26, 2021

(Courtesy of Spirit Fit Life) Spirit Fit Life is a wellness company designed to help women create healthy lifestyles by learning to eat mindfully and build strength through customized fitness programs, with a strong focus on personal growth. The company was founded in 2019 by an Othrodox frum wife and mother of four, Liba Yoffe.

Yoffe envisions this gathering of women to fully rejuvenate, recharge, relax and have fun with like-minded women.

Along with Yoffe, Bracha “Beatie” Deutsch will be there. Beatie is a haredi American-Israeli marathon runner. She has won the Tiberias Marathon and the Jerusalem Marathon, as well as the Israeli half-marathon and marathon national championships.

Food personality Esty Wolbe will be doing a “Chopped” contest and a food demonstration during the event. Wolbe is known for showing people how simple it can be to create delightful, mouthwatering dishes! Wolbe is a food writer, recipe developer, cooking show host of Easy Does It on @kosherdotcom, brand ambassador, food entertainer and social media consultant. She shares her love of food and fun through cooking demonstrations and “Chopped” competitions nationwide.

Parenting Coach and Educator Blimie Heller will also be at the event, giving an “Unconditional Parenting” session! Heller teaches about the concept of gentle parenting, which she believes can be adopted by any type of parent (whether it comes naturally or not). Every parent can adapt the concepts to their own parenting style.

The event will also feature back to back performances by Dobby Baum and Nechama Cohen.

A talented, professional singer, Baum is the founder of The Brooklyn Girls Choir, with a full album “Rejuvenate” that she released in October 2019, plus many hit singles, like “Dance” and “It Is Meant to Be” showcasing her powerful voice that is full of emotion and positive energy.

Maayan Davis will also be performing with Dobby Baum. Davis is a wife, mother of five, and a registered nurse, working as a director of nursing in the homecare field, but that’s not all. Maayan has a love and passion for dance to a point where she couldn’t live without it. She started teaching dance in high school and has performed for over 16 major shows since then. She founded Maayan Academy in Brooklyn close to 15 years ago where she taught aerobics, dance, gymnastics and more.

Last but not least, Nechama Cohen’s performance will cap off the event! She is a singer and songwriter whose music is a breath of fresh air. Releasing her first album “Heartbeat” seven years ago, she took the Jewish world by storm with her original compositions, relatable lyrics and sweet voice. She has since released multiple hit singles including “Edge of Prayer,” “I Still Have You” and recently, “Full Color.”

Vendors like Transcendent Active, Timeless Jewels, Hadasa Couture, The Pocket Bun and Eaters and Feeders will also be there with their event special discounts and promotions!

Gourmet lunch and dinner will also be provided, catered by Village Crown. Village Crown is NYC’s experienced casual kosher catering company. Village Crown is under the kosher supervision of the Orthodox Union, OU, with a choice of meat or dairy through our two completely separate kitchens

The event will be on Sunday, August 1, 2021, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Ahavath Torah Congregation, Englewood, New Jersey.

To purchase tickets please contact [email protected]; to text or call: 303-5232530.

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