Sunday, January 16, 2022

(Courtesy of Camp Marabu) The summer of a lifetime. It sounds like a dream, but it is the reality at Camp Marabu Mesivta! Imagine a camp that is based in some of the most beautiful parts of Hashem’s world. A place where tefillah comes alive as each boy sees and feels the gadlus haBorei amid His awesome creation! A makom Torah where experienced mesivta rabbeim further the growth of talmidim as they learn each morning and evening. An opportunity to make new friends with bnei aliyah from yeshivos across the country. A place for learning, growing and building self-esteem and character. A camp infused with superb ruach, singing, kumzitzes and united as one large, extended family.

A camp where there are day trips to wade in the Narrows of Zion Canyon, to view the astounding beauty of Bryce and the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. The chance to see the geysers, hot springs and wildlife of Yellowstone and to bike in the shadows of the Grand Tetons.

A camp full of adventures including whitewater rafting down the Snake River, canyoneering amongst towering cliffs, tubing and motor boating in Lake Powell. Campers enjoy zip-lining, alpine slides at Utah Olympic Park, exciting jeeping, unique sand dunes and magnificent hiking.

A camp based on amazing properties: a desert home in Utah with a pool, waterslide and an indoor gym, dual mountain-top lodges in Idaho with game rooms, and camping in luxury tents at Bear Lake. The food is catered, delicious, plentiful and fresh.

Camp Marabu Mesivta is under the leadership of Camp Director Rabbi Raphael Mendlowitz, and Rosh Mesivta Rabbi Elyakim Milikowsky. Rabbi Mendlowitz has been leading, inspiring and guiding bachurim on trips throughout the west for over 20 years, with a special focus on growth in tefillah. Rabbi Milikowsky is the rosh mesivta at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington during the year and carries over his dedication to his talmidim and their growth in learning through the summer months. Assisted by an exuberant and dedicated staff of rebbeim and yeshiva bachurim, they truly provide the opportunity for the summer of a lifetime at Camp Marabu Mesivta.

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