Monday, March 27, 2023

The parking spots near the kosher stores in Miami Beach and Hollywood are harder to come by these days, and the wait time at the Boca Raton kosher restaurants has been getting longer. Must be winter in South Florida. It’s the time when newly transplanted northerners question why they extended the familiar open invitation to every friend back home, and every relative across the country, to “come to Florida, you’re gonna love it here!” Lo and behold, they are actually booking their airline tickets and coming to visit.

Suddenly, work colleagues are finding creative reasons why they need to be in South Florida— davka now. The good news is, we’re ready for them.

With plenty of kosher restaurants and food establishments, events and concerts galore, and a plethora of recreation and family-fun activities, Florida is a happening place these days during Yeshiva Week and beyond.

To keep The Jewish Link readers connected to South Florida and to profile northern transplants, we are introducing a new, periodic column called “New Under the Sun.” In this column, I’ll keep you updated on Jewish trends and developments in Florida. We’ll inform you of upcoming events so you can plan your time in Florida efficiently and recap ones that already took place. You’ll see photos and write-ups of people you know and of those whom you will want to know more about. You will discover key personalities and community influencers, read up on real estate and housing developments, and uncover new food establishments. We’ll give you deeper insight and background on trending stories.

We’d love to get your input on the type of things you want to see in this space, and would love to get your updates on South Florida events and stories you think would be of interest to other readers in Florida, New Jersey and New York.

Florida, with over 22 million residents (and rapidly growing by the minute), and close to 600,000 in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, the three most populous counties in the state, is a great place to live and visit. This column will highlight the things that make this area a tourist and permanent destination for so many.

Feel free to share ideas, input and feedback for “New Under the Sun” by emailing [email protected]

By Roni Raab

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