Tuesday, May 24, 2022

A year has passed and The Business Magnet takes its success to the next level in 2015 in Teaneck/Passaic, as it has in so many other communities. The Business Magnet has revolutionized the way the communities interact with the businesses within them. For the minimal investment of $75, your business is represented in a beautiful and attractive color magnet under a listing headline category which is distributed to thousands of Jewish homes in your area, and are usually placed on the refrigerator—an appliance that people pass multiple times each day, and gives them easy and quick access to these phone numbers—many of which are used very often.

Mr. Shlomo Klein, CEO of The Business Magnet, explains that the companies in the various communities have been overwhelmed with the feedback. “One broadly expressed sentiment by these businesses [of every stripe] has been that this has simply been the best return on their investment that they could ever make—one could not ask for better placement for their advertisement than a refrigerator in a Jewish home,” he smiles.

Imagine, by the end of June, over 5,000 magnets will be distributed to homes in the Teaneck/Passaic area. They will include candle lighting times, emergency numbers, and other important numbers—so households are sure to be posting the magnets right away, and keep them around.

Like a magnet, these people are sure to dial the number of your business whenever they need it—because it is literally right there at their fingertips. So by joining us on The Business Magnet, you will become part of thousands of families who will choose your business first.

Of course, given the size of the magnet, advertising space is limited, since we give each placement sizable space. Reserve your space today, and begin connecting with the thousands of families in your community with weeks!

For a media kit for The Business magnet please send an e-mail to Perry Lowy at [email protected] or Call her at 1-888-666-1812 # 107, or visit the website: Thebusinessmagnet.com to download an advertising form.

Connect with us today, and begin connecting with your community tomorrow!

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