Monday, October 26, 2020

With so many meals to serve over Sukkot, wouldn’t you love a break for Chol Hamoed or the last days? Main Event is stepping up to the plate, by filling it with prix fixe meal packages for two to six people or more.

Main Event/Mauzone is known for its excellent cuisine and elegant presentation for simchas. When the pandemic halted events from March to July, the company turned increasingly to serving families with the same delicious meals they have become known for as a caterer. More than just takeout, a Main Event/Mauzone meal is a complete dining experience with several courses, allowing you to feel like a guest in your home.

For Sukkot, Main Event has created enticing packages with several choices to appeal to traditionalists and those who want more than the familiar roast chicken and brisket. Many couples are experiencing the holidays by themselves, due to restrictions on travel. Main Event/Mauzone has a package for two people with four gourmet meals over Shemini Atzeret, that can be ordered online until Tuesday, October 6. The multi-course meals come with different combinations of soup, appetizer, entree, side dishes and dessert, plus challah and grape juice for Yom Tov meals. Entrees include specialties like boneless stuffed capon, Italian breaded chicken cutlet and honey mustard-glazed corned beef.


Give Mom the night off with one of four family packages designed to feed up to six people for a meal. Choose from traditional Shabbos-, Mediterranean-, Southern barbecue- or Mexican-themed meals. Matt Cardoza, director of sales and events, suggests trying one package during Chol Hamoed, and then calling a day later to try another. Cardoza said they chose the selections by listening to what people want. “We have a panel of customers and sales managers and we talk to the community to ask what they’re looking for,” he said. “Some want traditional and others want something fresh and new each time. We’ve been getting a great response to our packages so far.” Meals can be picked up in several locations including Hackensack, Astoria, Lawrence and West Hempstead, or delivered for an extra charge. After Sukkot, Main Event/Mauzone will be offering family packages for Thanksgiving and Chanukah.

Main Event/Mauzone is back to catering events with new procedures and protocols to ensure safety. Some shuls have chosen to return to having a Shabbos kiddush with Kiddush-in-a-Box, an individually prepared box with a delightful assortment that each person can take. Weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs are once again in full swing. “We took a lot of time and effort to create COVID-free, friendly environments and we’re very proud of that,” said Cardoza. “Waiters are masked and gloved and have their temperature taken before working. Our buffet tables have barriers so no else but the server touches the food.” He added that many precautions have been added above and beyond what others are doing. Instead of glasses of water, each guest is served a capped glass with ice alongside a bottle of water, and all entrees are served with plate covers.

At each simcha, Main Event/Mauzone works out seating with the host to protect grandparents. Some choose to have an individual table just for the grandparents. Others will have the grandparents come to the chuppah and give them a boxed meal to take home. “We’re trying to do the things that keep everyone safe and comfortable in their surroundings,” said Cordoza. “We’re here to help you do whatever you need.”

For complete details on Sukkot meal packages, or to discuss catering for an event, visit www.maineventmauzone.com.

By Bracha Schwartz