Monday, November 28, 2022

Bagel Boss, a well-known eatery in New York City and Long Island, is now in Teaneck. Adam Rosner, founder and chairman of Bagel Boss, said he chose Teaneck for the 14th Bagel Boss because it is a dynamic community, with about 30,000 cars passing by daily. That’s a lot of people who can appreciate delicious bagels, sandwiches and pastry.

Andrew Hazen, CEO and friend of Rosner since childhood, said he’s hearing from customers at the Teaneck Bagel Boss that they are impressed with the many flavors of bagels, cream cheese and salads. In addition to well-known bagels like everything, sesame, poppy and onion, Bagel Boss has introduced hand-rolled specialties including cinnamon raisin, pumpernickel, chocolate chip and rainbow. If you want less bagel and more surface for spreads, try a Flagel—a thinner, flat variety of bagel invented and trademarked by Rosner for Bagel Boss—or a bialy. Choose from five or six different tuna-salad combinations—customers are loving veggie, spicy and honey mustard. For something new, try olive, blueberry or jalapeño cream cheese. There’s even tofu for a non-dairy cream cheese option. Top your bagel with hand-sliced belly or nova lox. Egg salad joins the new flavor party, with mushroom and onion emerging as a favorite. All salads, including bean, Israeli and cole slaw are made on premises. Pastry fans can choose a blueberry or chocolate-chip muffin; red velvet, almond and chocolate croissants; black and white cookies; linzer tarts; and several flavors of dairy rugelach.

In addition to online and in-person ordering for take-out, Bagel Boss has table seating available. Sit and enjoy a hot meal with an omelet, eggs in a wrap, blintzes or oatmeal. And of course, get a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Bagel Boss does off-premises catering. Call to discuss how Bagel Boss can put together a beautiful presentation of platters for your event.

Bagel Boss can accurately claim it serves authentic New York bagels from an old-world family recipe. The Rosner family began baking bialys back in Bialystok, and Rosner’s great-grandfather brought the recipes for bialys to Brooklyn, and added bagels to the mix. Consistency across all Bagel Boss locations stems from dough made in New York from the same ingredients and recipe. An extra step in the preparation makes the bagels stand out. Once the dough for bagels is mixed, most stores immediately put the dough in the refrigerator but that detracts from the taste and texture. Bagel Boss leaves the dough out to proof, which takes time but gives their bagels that sought-after shiny outside and soft inside. The Teaneck Bagel Boss gets an early-morning shipment of dough made in New York and then bakes the bagels in house.

The Bagel Boss franchise in Teaneck is owned by Edward Asante, who is living his dream of becoming an entrepreneur after a 30-year career as a hospital administrator at St. Luke’s and Beth Israel in New York City. Asante, who has an MBA in finance, said his tenure at Beth Israel introduced him to many Jewish favorite foods and made him a bagel fan. A contact who knew that Asante was looking for a new venture connected him with Rosner.

Alex Rosner, the sixth generation of the family in the bagel business, runs the corporate store in New York City and is training the Teaneck staff. A new manager, Carol, known to many bagel fans in the area, has just joined the company. Come in and say “Hello.”

If you have family and friends who are not fortunate enough to live near Bagel Boss, make their day with a gift package. Hazen fondly remembers that when he was in law school in Michigan, his family shipped him Bagel Boss treats from his hometown. Today, Bagel Boss ships nationwide with a system that keeps items fresh and tasty.

Eat in or take out at Bagel Boss, (201) 574-8700, 1280 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, www.bagelboss.com. Certified kosher by the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County.

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