Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Butterflake Bakery, which opened in 1950, is expanding and opening a second location to use as a commissary and gluten-free/kosher for Pesach production facility. The nut-free kosher bakery famous for challah, babka, cakes, pastries and more is opening its new site on 444 Cedar Lane in Teaneck (its existing location is 448 Cedar Lane).

Opening this second location is an exciting development for Butterflake and its customers—its expansion will aid in its growth as a bakery and extend its abilities to serve customers gluten-free food year-round.

Butterflake had been looking for a facility for several years to produce gluten-free food after it outgrew its location in Westchester. Butterflake owner Richie Heisler is looking forward to the bakery’s gluten-free kitchen to “finally have a home,” explaining that, for the last four to five years, the Butterflake had rented commercial kitchens in the New York/New Jersey area to bake for Pesach. “It’s never really been a win-win for me,” Heisler said, “because I start late and can’t really achieve the type of business that I’ve been looking to grow, so now we can start much earlier on the commercial side and then revisit it on the retail side.”

Butterflake Bakery attracts customers from around the country as well as abroad, and sells many types of nut-free pastries. Out of the many bakeries that once filled Cedar Lane, it is the only one remaining, gaining its kosher status in 1998 when David and Richie Heisler purchased the bakery and worked to ensure it would meet “the highest standards” of kashrut. “[The expansion] ensures Butterflake will be a part of this community as well as the greater Jewish community well into the future,” said Richie.

The new site is expected to open in early 2023. “We are thrilled with the space that Jonathan Greenberg—a Teaneck resident and director of Katz & Associates, a real estate firm—helped procure. Its proximity to the existing store makes great sense from a logistics standpoint in general and especially for our additional output around Passover time.”

By Brooke Schwartz


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