Friday, March 24, 2023

Noah’s Ark, a fleishig restaurant in Teaneck owned by Noam and Shelly Sokolow focusing on deli favorites and burgers, is usually closed for the Nine Days, the final portion of the three weeks preceding Tisha B’Av, when meat and other celebrations are traditionally eschewed except on Shabbat. Shelly’s, the family’s dairy restaurant, is in the process of securing new premises and is closed at the moment as well. So this summer, Noam is taking the opportunity to allow two childhood friends who grew up in Englewood to “test the market” for their new restaurant concept, without all the expenses generally involved in a restaurant opening.

‘Kate & Kyle’ live in NYC and are presenting a pareve menu prepared in a Mediterranean style with Asian accents.

“This is an entirely different menu developed by Kate & Kyle’s team of culinary experts, and our culinary and service team will be supplementing theirs. We are expecting it to be very successful as Teaneck is lacking a menu with these types of offerings,” Sokolow told The Jewish Link.

Sokolow explained that he is excited to help present a much “lighter and healthier” menu. “All of the items that we have tasted so far have been delicious, but the ones that topped the charts have been the roasted branzino with lemon, herbs and kachumber, the maple glazed salmon, chickpea burgers, fish tacos, blistered shishito peppers, and the fattoush salad.”

After such healthy main courses, however, the desserts are apparently not to be missed. “My personal favorites are the homemade desserts. The chocolate peanut butter bar was incredible and well balanced, and the Oreo crumble chocolate mousse was one of the best I have ever had, decadent yet light; and I have had a lot,” Sokolow said.

Certified kosher under the Star-K, Kate & Kyle’s pop-up will be located inside Noah’s Ark at 493 Cedar Lane in Teaneck. For orders during the Nine Days, diners can use DoorDash, call 201-692-1200, or email [email protected].

By Elizabeth Kratz

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