Monday, March 27, 2023

(Courtesy of FoodDays) Founded in 2003, FoodDays started off as a grassroots effort to simplify the food ordering process at a local New Jersey school and has since become a leading provider of turn-key food ordering systems for public, private, and charter schools. Today, FoodDays has taken their platform to the next level by providing an all-in-one solution to the burdensome task of school lunch management.

The original founders are the husband-and-wife team of Michael and Pamela Thwaite. They recognized the need for a simple solution to paper slip menus and cash payments, and turned the old method into a simplified online ordering system. The program was so successful that they made it their goal to simplify school lunches in their community and beyond. Today, the system services over 185 schools and 115,000 students. But like any good idea, it didn’t stop there.

COVID-19 shed more light on the need for schools to further simplify school lunch. School administrators found that with the new hurdles that the pandemic brought, they had less time to devote to the daily process of lunch management. Recognizing this need, Michael and Pamela stepped in once again and developed FoodDays+, a complete lunch management system.

Partnering up with Annie Sidaoui and Fayge Nissenbaum was the natural addition to the FoodDays team. The two have more than 16 years of experience managing a school lunch program for a large yeshiva in Brooklyn. Together, the team has expanded the platform to manage every aspect of the school lunch system.

FoodDays+ provides parents and schools a convenient and easy way to provide delicious and affordable lunches for their children. FoodDays+ works with local restaurants and caterers that focus on bringing high quality nutritious meals that the students know and love. This allows schools to effortlessly offer a no-cost lunch program to their school.

Understanding the simplicity of this fully managed lunch opportunity, schools that were already using the FoodDays platform quickly joined FoodDays+ and couldn’t be happier. A principal at a NJ school happily stated, “Our entire community has been energized by the partnership we have forged with FoodDays+.” Another parent was quoted as saying, “FoodDays+ makes school lunch effortless. It is nice having hot lunch options at the touch of a button.”

Yeshivas and day schools have specific dietary restrictions, and FoodDays+ staff has immeasurable experience in this field. Working primarily within this area, they have an understanding of what these types of schools need. This allows them to develop customized menus and source vendors specifically focused on a kosher diet.

FoodDays has taken the traditional system of lunch ordering into the future. Their integrative platform develops menus, sources local vendors, sets up online ordering, process orders and payments, and even pays vendors. FoodDays+ handles the entire process for their schools end-to-end.

Further information on FoodDays+ can be found on their website at www.FoodDays.com.

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