Friday, June 02, 2023

The café at Kaplan JCC on the Palisades has changed their kashrut supervisor. The Rabbinical Council of Bergen County made the following statement: “Please be advised that the RCBC and the Kaplen JCC have mutually agreed that the café at the Kaplen JCC that is independently owned and operated will no longer be under the certification of the RCBC, effective the close of business on Friday, March 17, 2023.

“The leadership of the JCC and the RCBC are continuing to work together to ensure the best interests of the community. Therefore, the café has committed to continue to offer pre-packages, sealed kosher-certified items to their customers. We continue to value our relationship with the leadership of the JCC and look forward to partnering together in the future.”

As of Monday, March 20, Rabbi Asher Schechter of Congregation Ohr Moshe in Hillcrest made the following statement: This letter certifies that all items sold at the JC Café, Inc. (located inside JCC on the Palisades), whether pre-packaged or prepared in the store, are strictly kosher. Any questions should be directed to me or my assistant Rabbi Yaakov Miller. This letter is valid through September 16, 2023.” The contact number provided for Rabbi Schechter is (718) 491-4888 and the email is [email protected]

Rabbi Schechter told The Jewish Link that he made no changes to the food products coming into the dairy restaurant. “There was no problem with the kashruth per se, but there was a difficulty in staffing the JCC Café with a mashgiach. The RCBC had sent various mashgichim over the years and it didn’t work out with the management of the café. The JCC had been in touch with me because I provide a hechsher to various places in Manhattan, and they asked if the RCBC left, if I would be interested in coming in. We brought in our own mashgiach and we set it up,” he said.

Rabbi Schechter noted he formerly was a member of the RCBC when he worked as a rabbi in Fair Lawn 20 years ago. According to his website biography, he serves as the Rav HaMachshir at the Bagel Boss chain and several other establishments in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and New York City. (However, the Teaneck Bagel Boss is certified by the RCBC.)

By Jewish Link Staff

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