September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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Frumie’s Wigs on Wheels and Skin Care Is at Your Service

Frumie credits her long and successful career in fitting women with wigs to her insistence on proper fit and attractive styling. Beginning her career at a young age while living in Brooklyn, Frumie’s company, called Wigs on Wheels, attracted a large customer base of all ages. Her selection of Irene Wigs as her primary label enabled her to provide her clients with a top quality wig at a reasonable price, styled to each individual’s preference and comfort.

As she attests, ”I will not sell a wig that is not suitable for my client. I am fair in my pricing and honest in my consultation. And as a sheitel-wearer myself, I am well aware of the considerations of women in search of just the right look!”

Expanding upon her focus on wigs, Frumie began to pursue another area of women’s well-being, that of skin and hair care. Frumie is of the firm belief that when a woman feels good in her skin she feels confident outside her skin and can accomplish her pursuits. While living in Staten Island, Frumie completed certification in cosmetology. Four years ago, she moved to the Edison-Highland Park area of New Jersey, resuming her Wigs on Wheels, now mainly from her home studio. She has also organized pop up shows in other New Jersey communities including Teaneck, West Orange, Lakewood and Toms River, as well as in New York communities including The Five towns and Crown Heights.

Frumie shared, “I truly feel blessed that I have managed to incorporate both of my businesses and through them provide women with what they need. There is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer and a smiling provider.”

Frumie took her passion and knowledge of skin and hair care and joined a well-established company called Rodan and Fields which was founded over 30 years ago by two female dermatologists who specialize in high-quality skin and hair care products made of proven medicinal ingredients. Their products include those aimed at sensitive skin, anti-aging, rosacea, sun damage, acne, age spots, hair, lashes and brows.

Frumie joined the company as a consultant, selling their products through social media at which, though self-taught, she has subsequently become quite adept. Housing samples of all the Rodan and Fields products in her home studio, Frumie advises the clients she contacts on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. with personal testimonies about the products and their efficacy. She has even created clever videos to illustrate the effectiveness of the products. Customers purchase the products online and Frumie follows up to ensure their satisfaction.

Frumie’s passion and perseverance just recently culminated in an unexpected and wonderful bonus. Within five days of the six-month deadline, Frumie’s sales qualified her for a trip to Mexico for two, all expenses paid, including flight, hotel, food and entertainment. Within the next two months, Frumie will be taking off to Mexico with her 20-year old daughter with whom she is thrilled to be sharing this bonus. For Frumie, this gift is reinforcement and confirmation for her that her tireless efforts at holding work and family together are going in the right direction and being blessed.

Frumie expressed it best in her recent post: “Look at what I’ve accomplished with Hashem’s help in a few short months! I almost feel that I can do anything! I am going to earn a trip to Mexico because I took my grief, the sudden loss of my husband, and turned it into a focus. I would like to be known as a woman who is taking a terrible loss and using the strength that I have gained to help others with their skin and hair. I am helping other women realize that they too are resilient, beautiful and fabulous. If you want to be part of my incredible story and help me continue to reach my goals, please contact me through my website and social media accounts. Mexico-here we come!”


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By Pearl Markovitz

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