February 26, 2024
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February 26, 2024
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Gaza’s Unacceptable Escalation

A mortar shell explodes outside a Sderot kindergarten on Tuesday.

Scores of rockets and mortars are keeping code red alarms going and Iron Dome responses on alert.

Terrorists have blown up one of their own electrical power supplies to the strip.

And finally, yet another terror tunnel has been destroyed by Israel, this time connected from Egypt.

Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has called on the U.N. to condemn in its strongest terms the targeting of civilians in Israel.

The recent siege at the fence between Gaza and Israel didn’t work and won’t work. So what we’re watching now is the regime further attacking Israel. It has even resorted to machine gun fire on Sderot. Yet what Gazans don’t seem to challenge is that every time Hamas or Islamic Jihad show aggression toward the free, sovereign nation of Israel it is taking yet another step in denying its own people the slightest hope of developing an infrastructure based on a positive education model, jobs and technology.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad attack Israel and then blame Israel for its own misfortune in human, military and economic terms.

Hamas is losing, but perhaps worse, its people have all but lost.

But what is so frustrating in so many ways is that, once again, much of the world, including the insipidly misguided left of many of our nation’s college “professors” and their students—by backing the lie of BDS—are hypocritically slow to take their podiums when it comes to condemning this action on Israel.

Let’s just call it for the anti-Semitic reality that it is.

For those of our readers who have never been to towns such as Sderot or even Ashkelon, they are well within danger’s path. Its residents live where a red alert means seconds to get themselves and their children and elderly family and friends to shelter.

Thirteen years ago, Israel withdrew from Gaza with the hope that somehow this would mark an opportunity for the neighbors to peacefully coexist. Now the terrorists, who so handicap their very own people’s hope, are running out of ways and excuses to blame Israel for Palestinian demise.

The United Nations, indeed a world that sees through Iranian and Syrian duplicity, needs to get it right this time.

They might persist at harming their own children. But Israel, the Trump administration and other nations supporting the Jewish state will not tolerate it much longer, especially when Israeli children escape a rocket attack at their elementary school.

Hamas needs its war with the Jewish people to escalate to validate its own sordid existence.

But unlike 2014 and past conflicts, this must be a non-starter. Perhaps this time the U.N. will take a decisive chance, condemn Hamas with not just words but consequences, and get this right.

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