May 11, 2024
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May 11, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Get Noticed With Fox Marketing Services

One of the services Fox offers is creating professional videos for businesses and organizations.

A few months ago, Steve Fox of Fox Marketing Services received a call late one Friday afternoon. An organization was preparing to send a group of women on a mission to Israel and wanted to give them pashminas embroidered with the organization’s logo as a gift to wear to the Kotel. The catch? The pashminas were needed in two days. The extremely short notice did not faze Fox at all and by Tuesday afternoon the “swag” had been delivered to its intended recipients. “We immediately sourced it and had them embroidered in one day and the pashminas were delivered on time, because, unlike bigger companies, we will do whatever possible to help meet our customers’ deadlines.”

For Fox, this was just another day at the office. “There were times that we received orders that seemed impossible, but we did everything in our power to make it happen for our clients,” he said.

Based in the heart of Teaneck, Fox Marketing Services might be considered a small business, but the scope of services and personal attention it gives to every client is anything but small.

Havdala plate.

Fox Marketing Services offers a plethora of diverse services from its different divisions, ranging from video production and photography to commercial printing and promotional products. “Our video productions mainly focus on organizational and corporate videos for dinners or websites and over the years we have produced dozens of impactful videos for many of the local NJ/NY schools and organizations in the region,” added Fox. “A TV commercial we produced for NCSY years ago ran for four months on NBC and ABC and garnered tremendous exposure for the organization. We have also done documentaries, infomercials and corporate training videos. Our dinner and Zoom videos have helped our clients raise millions of dollars. We also do event photography and videos for individuals and organizations.” Fox Marketing Services can also digitize old films, videos and pictures—one of the few local companies that provide these services.

Fox Marketing is an industry leader known for its constantly evolving and innovative approaches to promotional items and giveaways at trade shows, special occasions and all kinds of events. “We started out doing co-op advertising for some of our clients and then they began requesting swag for trade shows. That business has really blossomed for us, and we have become a major importer of promotional items for the pharmaceutical industry and, of course, organizations, schools and businesses. We have the capacity to produce any quantity, from just a dozen, in some cases, to 50,000 items and everything in between, and our buying power allows us to offer great pricing to our clients,” he added.

Embroidered pashmina.

“The most important thing to do is to make sure that your message gets across loud and clear and we utilize a multi-faceted approach to accomplish that,” said Fox. “You want your theme to resonate so that people know and understand what you are selling or promoting.

“Promotional items are the most cost-effective way of advertising a business, because once it is given out to someone, they become a walking ad for that business or organization,” he continued. He also explained that it is important to have similar messaging across different mediums, whether it’s on clothing, a banner, a bag or even literature.

Holiday gifting is another very important part of any successful business and Fox Marketing Services can take care of the whole process, creating perfectly presented curated packages whether edible, functional or simply ornamental. “There’s nothing a customer appreciates more than a nice gift from their vendor and schools and companies have begun to do lots of teacher and employee awards and appreciation gifts.”

Pop socket.

Some of the most popular items today include phone holders and custom molded USB sticks. “If you are going to give something away, then you want it to be functional and you want people to actually use it and see your name on it in front of them,” Fox said. Backpacks and totes are also favorite choices for giveaways, as well as all types of clothing. Clothing is always a perennial crowd-pleaser for bar and bat mitzvahs, and Fox Marketing Services has a wide selection of all the latest styles and trends.

Known for its creative approaches to giveaways, Fox Marketing Services always comes up with a unique and novel approach to swag. For a recent simcha that took place over an entire

weekend, Fox Marketing Services had special pillowcases made that came with an illuminated special message to the guests. For another simcha he provided a beautiful imprinted Havdala plate and also made embroidered Netilat Yadayim hand towels for another. “For the current situation in Israel, we created ‘Bring Them Home Now’ T-shirts for the community and produced banners, flags, signage, dog tags and clothing for many of our clients, especially for the Washington march in November.”

Challah cover.

With the Celebrate Israel parade just around the corner, Fox Marketing Services is the one-stop shop for banners, buttons and T-shirts and will even help come up with the designs for all your parade needs.

Fox Marketing Services is also pleased to offer commercial print services for everything from letterhead, envelopes and presentation folders to brochures, magazines and direct mailing projects. They can do everything from copy, to graphic design, printing and mailing.

After many years of working for large corporations as a vice president of marketing and magazine editor/publisher, Fox has used his immense talent, creativity and wealth of knowledge and experience to build Fox Marketing into a multi-function marketing agency, establishing a solid reputation for producing high-quality products in video, print and promotions for corporations, individuals and nonprofit organizations throughout the tri-state area.

Steve Fox with Elie Wiesel.

For over 33 years, Fox Marketing Services has been at the forefront of marketing and promotions, helping businesses, camps and organizations optimize their brand imaging and exposure while maximizing their promotional dollars.

“Everything we do has a personal touch and because my name is attached to it, we are obsessed with providing superior customer service to our clients,” concluded Fox.

To find out how Fox Marketing Services can help find the best marketing solutions for your business or organization, call (201) 692-8600 or visit

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