July 18, 2024
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July 18, 2024
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Gevuros Volunteers Bring Chanukah Joy To Passaic Neighbors

Five years ago, three Passaic women joined forces in creating a weekly, special day for their elderly female neighbors in Passaic, many above the age of 80. Realizing how loneliness can greatly impact the emotional and physical well-being of our senior population, they arranged for a weekly gathering, mainly on Mondays, for senior women in the community to get together and spend quality time with each other. Even during COVID, the team delivered a hot meal to the isolated women on a weekly basis. They called their project Gevuros, inspired by the pasuk in Tehillim, 90:10: “Ve’im b’gevuros shmonim shana,” “and if by reason of special strength, 80 years.”

The weekly gatherings are graciously hosted by Congregation Beth Torah U’teffilah in Passaic. Attendees are picked up by car from their homes and delivered home afterward. The program, scheduled from 1-2:30 p.m., offers a hot, tasty lunch prepared and catered by the gracious volunteers. Following lunch, they are treated to an inspirational speaker. The rest of the time is divided between activities including exercise, baking, games and interactive discussions. The program, which began with 12 attendees, now hosts up to 30 each week.The program is publicized exclusively by word of mouth and is inclusive of all community female seniors.

On Monday, November 29, in celebration of the first day of Chanukah, the Gevuros group hosted a festive gathering for its attendees. Amazing Savings generously donated tableware and decorations for the luncheon. A gourmet fleishig lunch was prepared and served by Take One Kitchen Caterers working out of the new Passaic supermarket Aisle One. Dessert doughnuts were generously provided by Bagel Munch of Passaic. After the sumptuous lunch, the women were treated to an inspirational dvar Torah by Mrs. Shoshana Sperling, a noted speaker in the Passaic community. Interactive Chanukah games lent further excitement to the event as did the musical sing-along led by Mrs. Chaya Weitzman, a popular teacher of music at a local school.

A special treat for the occasion was provided by a generous donor in memory of her beloved and very prominent mother, Rachel bat Eliezer, a”h, who passed away eight years ago. In keeping with the current trend in winter attire, each attendee was gifted with an elegant woolen shawl/poncho featuring two attractive reversible patterns. The shawls were packaged in special Chanukah bags supplied by Amazing Savings and included the following message:

Happy Chanukah wishes

We warmly extend

To our cherished Gevuros friends!

We want to celebrate

With a special gift for you

Something tasteful and useful too.

So LeKavod Chanukah

Enjoy this elegant shawl

As we transition to winter

From the beautiful fall.

It’s light

It’s warm

And pretty too.

To wrap up warmly



Donated by our treasured Gevuros supporter

L’ilui Nishmat Rachel bat Eliezer, a”h

Needless to say, the Gevuros Chanukah gathering brought joy and chizuk to its attendees. The volunteers are hopeful that they can continue bringing simcha to their ladies “ad meah v’esrim shana.”

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