July 13, 2024
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July 13, 2024
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Gotham Burger, Jewish Link of NJ Sportstars of the Week

This week in honor of Mother’s Day the Jewish Link of New Jersey and Gotham Burger would like to recognize four local basketball mothers as Sportstars of the Week: Stephanie Amos, Stephanie Greenspan, Rifky Shor and Daniella Stadtmauer. In keeping with the Mother’s day theme, we asked their greatest trophies (children) a few questions about their Sportstar moms.

Stephanie Amos was a four-year varsity member and starter for Central High School; she was a three-year starter for the YU/Stern Lady Macs averaging over 18 points per game; and she was an 11-year coach at Frisch, winning five junior varsity and one varsity championship. Next week Stephanie will be honored by the Yeshiva Basketball Alumni Hall of Fame

Zachary Amos: My mom has been playing ball since fifth or sixth grade. Her favorite athlete is Michael Jordan, because he never gave up. Her pregame ritual is to eat pasta and hit three shots around the world from each spot. Her greatest sports-related accomplishment was winning six championships as the head coach of the Frisch basketball team

Benjamin Amos: My mom started playing basketball when she was eight, her favorite athlete is Michael Jordan. Before she plays, she plans the game out in her head. Her greatest accomplishment is being a coach, because she is a really good coach.

Yonah Amos: My mom has been a ball player since she was 12 years old. I am her favorite athlete. I don’t know if she has a pregame ritual and her greatest accomplishment is teaching me how to play basketball

Riki Amos: My mom didn’t start playing basketball till she was ten, I am only six and I play. Her favorite professional basketball player is LeBron James. Her greatest accomplishment is winning all those championships

Stephanie Greenspan is a local dietitian who loves to exercise. Aside from playing basketball every Wednesday night, she can be found at the gym almost daily. She was co-captain of her varsity basketball team at the Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington and played intramurals at the University of Maryland.

Gavi Greenspan: My mom has been playing basketball since she was born. Her favorite athlete used to be Michael Jordan but now it’s Kevin Durant. My mom doesn’t have a pre-game ritual, her greatest athletic accomplishment was beating me once at basketball.

Eliana Greenspan: I don’t know when my mother started playing basketball, but my older brother Gavi is her favorite athlete. Before my mom plays basketball, she reads me a book.

Rifky Shor first fell in love with basketball in the third grade and has been playing ever since. She was the captain of her high school basketball team in Los Angeles, California and played for the Yeshiva University women’s basketball team as well. She continues to play on Wednesday nights as often as she can. She enjoys coaching her daughter’s MGBL team and watching all of her children follow in her footsteps playing basketball.

Yosef Shor: My mom started playing basketball when she was in second grade and her favorite player is Michael Jordan. Before she plays she focuses on free throws.

Tzvi Shor: My mom has been playing ball since she was eight and her favorite player is Blake Griffin. Before she plays she takes foul shots and layups.

Avrumi and Adira Shor: Our mom has been playing basketball since she was born. She doesn’t have a favorite player, she is awesome!

Daniella Stadtmauer played basketball on the SKA High School basketball varsity team starting in the 10th grade and along with her team won the championships each year that she played. In college she coached girls’ basketball at HAFTR Elementary School and played basketball in the evenings. In her free time she enjoys running, bike riding, rock climbing, playing tennis, and of course playing basketball once a week. She has three boys who participate in basketball, football, hockey and soccer teams in their free time as well.

Shlomo Stadtmauer: My mom started playing basketball when she was 10 years old. Her favorite athlete is Becky Hammon because she inspires all female athletes to follow their dreams. I am lucky to have a mom who knows how to play sports and can practice with me and give me pointers. Before she plays my mom stretches. Her greatest athletic accomplishment is running a 5K with me!

Akiva Stadtmauer: My mom started playing basketball when she was three years old and my grandpa got her a basketball hoop. My mom’s favorite athlete is me! She always comes to watch all of my games and cheer me on. Before my mom plays she changes into her basketball clothes and gets a large sports bottle with water and ice. My mom’s greatest sports accomplishment is throwing the ball backwards and swishing it.

Azarya Stadtmauer: Mommy plays basketball with me.

Send nominees for next week’s Gotham Burger Sportstar of the Week to [email protected]

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