September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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Gotham Burger Sportstars of the Week Daniella, Kayla and Zac Nussbaum

The Jewish Link of Bergen County and Gotham Burger would like to recognize Daniella, Kayla and Zac Nussbaum as this week’s Gotham Burger Sportstars of the Week. The Nussbaum trio are big fans of Gotham Burger and the Yankees. They are also standout students in the classroom and tremendous athletes on the court (MGBL, CMEK, Yavneh Youth League, Bergenfield PAL soccer and T-Ball.

Who is one of your role models?

Daniella: My Mom

Kayla: Max Nussbaum (my cousin). A really good baseball player.

Zac: What’s a role model? (After explanation…), Mark Teixeira.

What’s your favorite time of year to play sports?

Daniella: Probably summer because I have no school and have free time. It’s always nice weather and I get to play sports at Camp (Regesh), like kickball, baseball, basketball, “BBK,” which is all those three sports together, swimming, hockey, soccer, pedal carts and zip lining. Regesh is all about sports. It has all the sports. The only things we do that aren’t sports are cup fishing, art, and cook and bake.

Kayla: The summer because I get to go swimming, play soccer, basketball and this other game that I forgot what it’s called at Camp Regesh. And the fall, because I have MGBL basketball.

Zac: Summer because at the park we go play baseball with Daddy, Daniella and Kayla and different boys play with us too. And next year I get to be on the boy’s side at Camp Regesh and play more sports and basketball! On the girls side (preschool), you don’t get to play basketball. Only on the boys side.

Do you have a special pre-game meal?

Daniella: I eat different stuff. I don’t eat the same thing every time. It’s not like a protein shake, but a snack.

Kayla: String cheese.

Zac: A fruit. Grapes, apples or bananas. It makes me play better.

What is your favorite sports memory?

Daniella:Well my least favorite is when we won all the games in our baseball season and lost the playoffs.

Kayla: Last year in MGBL when I got into the championships. We were winning, but then we lost. It was fun, but then it was sad.

Zac: Mark Teixeira catching the ball over the fence when the Yankees played against the Rangers. Me and my Daddy were there for Daddy’s birthday.

What is the best thing about being a Sportstar?

Daniella: I get to be active and run around. The feeling I get when I make a shot.

Kayla: People saying that I’m good.

Zac: I like scoring in soccer because I feel happy and excited.

The Gotham Burger Sportstar of the Week will receive a $10 gift certificate to Gotham Burger. Please send nominees for next week’s Gotham Burger Sportstar of the Week to [email protected]

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