July 14, 2024
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July 14, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Hatzalah of WO-Livingston: Partnering To Help the Community Save Lives

Since launching in September 2021, Hatzalah of West Orange-Livingston has cared for more than 100 families providing fast response, professional and compassionate care in their time of need. Hatzalah EMTs are trained to the highest standards and carry the latest life-saving equipment, enabling immediate response to any and all medical emergencies. When they are not responding to calls, the organization is helping the community in other ways.


Free American Heart Association CPR & First Aid Classes

Over 60 community members are now trained in CPR and first aid thanks to a new program implemented by Hatzalah of West Orange-Livingston. Participants learned life-saving skills, including adult and infant CPR/automated external defibrillator, choking relief, and how to recognize and treat a range of emergency situations. Recent classes took place at Ohr Torah (West Orange), Etz Chaim (Livingston) and AABJ&D (West Orange).

“We believe that empowering the lay members of the community to act decisively and confidently in the face of medical or traumatic emergencies makes our community a safer place,” said Gary Rothschild, a Hatzalah EMT and head of the recently launched program. There are more than 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests each year and bystander CPR is the most important determinant of survival. When performed without delay, CPR can double or triple the chance of survival. The greatest challenge associated with this success is training.

Become a critical link in the chain of survival and sign up for their next monthly class at www.HatzalahWOL.org/CPR.


Free At-Home Rapid COVID Tests

In response to the increased demand for at-home rapid tests—and the difficulty in procuring them—Hatzalah of West Orange-Livingston’s community service division, with the generosity of a Life Rapid Testing (www.rapidtest.life) donation, has been offering free tests to residents of West Orange and Livingston. The tests, intended for those who have been exposed to someone with COVID or who are experiencing COVID symptoms, are administered by Hatzalah members in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Demand has been significant since the program launched in the first week of January. A community member who wishes to remain anonymous stated: “My family was exposed to COVID and we didn’t have any rapid tests. We completed Hatzalah’s online form and received a response in minutes. A half hour later, someone was at our door, wearing full PPE, and administered each test with care. It was a huge relief and something we were very grateful for.”

Learn more at www.hatzalahwol.org/rapid 


First CPR Auto-Compression Device Donated

The Defibtech Lifeline ARM improves survival by delivering mechanical compressions to patients who are suffering from cardiac arrest. It does so without concern for EMT fatigue and can be used while a patient is moved from home to ambulance to hospital to maintain compressions, even while in transit. The device was donated by Susan and Shimmy Engelhardt of East Brunswick, whose children, David and Avital, attend Suburban Torah in Livingston.

“When we learned that the West Orange/Livingston community was establishing a Hatzalah organization, we were driven to be a part of it. Hatzalah, regardless of location or composition, is amazing. When minutes count, they give hours. When compassion is needed, they instill resilience. Through it all, they carry out the greatest task of all: saving lives and thereby saving the world, one person at a time. May they all go from strength to strength,” said Susan and Shimmy.

Their children, David and Avital, added: “We were drawn to the Livingston community for its warmth and small-town feel, and have never looked back. When we learned of the Hatzalah initiative, it made perfect sense because our community is all about teamwork, collaboration, support and chesed. We are proud and honored to have such an organization in our midst, protecting our communities and supporting all in need of care.”

“The Lifeline ARM allows us to deliver effective, high-quality, and uninterrupted compressions in order to maximize clinical outcomes for our patients. It is a critical, life-saving addition to our armamentarium and we could not be more grateful for Susan and Shimmy’s generosity,” said Shael Sokolowski, coordinator of Hatzalah of West Orange-Livingston. The device has already been deployed on their Livingston ambulance and sponsorships are available for the West Orange ambulance.


Childhood Education & Awareness

Hatzalah of West Orange-Livingston has visited The Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School at AABJ&D in West Orange, the Suburban Torah Early Childhood Center in Livingston, and even the local Girl Scouts, to help educate children and youth on core health skills. Just recently, Jonathan Newcombe, member of Hatzalah of Livingston and West Orange, helped the Pre-K class of The Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School learn about the heart. He demonstrated his stethoscope and pulse oximeter and let the children hear firsthand how these tools help EMTs assess their lungs and heart.

If you are interested in having Hatzalah of West Orange-Livingston visit your local school or youth program, email
[email protected].

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