September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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Heichal HaTorah Takes TBL Division

JV and varsity teams win back-to-back basketball championships.

(Heichal Sports) On an exciting and unforgettable day, Heichal’s JV and varsity Hornets basketball teams emerged victorious in the TBL Basketball League division championships. In a nail-biting game, the JV went head-to-head with Flatbush Park Jewish Center (FPJC) and turned a five-point deficit with 25 seconds left into a photo-finish victory. Down by five with less than half a minute to the game, Dov Zomberg came in with a clutch 3-pointer, bringing FPJC’s lead down to two, but successful free throws again brought FPJC’s lead back. A well-executed coast-to-coast layup by Abie Jacoby brought Heichal again into contention, but two more foul shots by FPJC gave the Brooklyn visitors a two-point lead with two seconds left to the game and Heichal ready to inbound the ball, following a timeout. With Jacoby inbounding the ball to his man in the corner, Sachi Zauderer twisted around his defender to throw up a double pump 3-pointer from the deep corner, earning Heichal a buzzer-beater victory with a shot that made waves around the country—earning justified fame in a by-now universally recognized replay on SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays of the Day. The feeling of victory was palpable throughout the room as the Heichal team and fans mobbed the court.

The day’s success had only begun, as Heichal’s varsity shortly followed suit, bringing home the trophy after a roller coaster, neck-and-neck game against Young Israel of Bayswater (YIB), with both teams showcasing unwavering skill and determination. The game was a seesaw battle, with YIB carrying a lead for much of the second half. Yet with only two minutes remaining and trailing by four, the Hornets began rallying, with Avi Sudwerts scoring a free throw, narrowing the game to three in favor of YIB. The momentum truly moved for Heichal after Yoni Wilk’s conversion of a steal into a 3-pointer with only 1:45 left on the clock forcing a tooth-and-nail fierce competition for the win. Dani Goldenberg’s two-point swift layup catapulted the Hornets into the lead, leading to mounting and newfound determination. After a free throw enabled YIB to reduce Heichal’s lead to one, and with just 11 seconds left on the clock, Daniel Wertentheil seized the moment, driving to the hoop and delivering a monumental layup that extended the Hornet’s lead to a crucial three points. The final buzzer reverberated throughout the court, sending waves of excitement and celebration as Heichal varsity emerged champions.

The Heichal Hornets solidified their JV and Varsity victories with spirit, solid teamwork, unselfish passing and clutch performances that allowed them to clinch both championships. The teams’ combined triumph was a testament to the skill, positivity and resilience demonstrated by all of the players. But most importantly, the Hornets’ coaches both noted that their players’ sportsmanship and midos on and off the court, and in their interactions with each other and the opposing team, was the true victory. As the trophies were raised high, the boys knew they would remember this thrilling day.

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