September 29, 2023
September 29, 2023

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Help Is Needed in Houston

There’s a time in the life of a nation when there is no need for explanations or descriptions thrown around to underscore a point. This is one of those times.

Our fellow Jewish community members and countless numbers of their Houston neighbors are living through a catastrophic storm. It’s not about category one or category four; the rain and its resulting flood waters causing massive suffering cannot be defined by a category.

What we know is that the northern New Jersey Jewish community is a giving one that historically would not stop if it knew Jewish people just like them were in dire need of help.

We therefore ask with all of our hearts that you contribute through organizations such as the OU/RCA, NCSY, Chabad, the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund or any other organizations you trust that are equipped to send funds and assistance to Houston’s stricken communities. You can also visit and drop off supplies in Clifton and other Seasons locations for a convoy that is leaving on Monday. 

We are informed that the Houston Jewish community doesn’t have space to store items such as clothing and food. Instead, it has told us that funds can go much further to help with costs of shelter, kosher food, clothing, medicines, transportation and so many other day-to-day life problems that most of us take for granted.

The Jewish Link knows that our communities are facing expenses associated with the Yomim Noraim. Be it an upcoming family simcha or a holiday, we ask that you consider donating some of these funds to neighbors you may not know by name, but whom you surely know in your hearts.

They are counting on us.

We need to be there for them for as long as it takes to recover.

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