July 12, 2024
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July 12, 2024
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How One Family Healed at Wellpsrings Wellness Center

By Dr. Rena ShleiferDrained, weak and exhausted after giving birth to her sixth child, Sima yearned for the strength and energy to be present in her family’s lives.

But they were suffering too. From digestive issues to chronic congestion, her husband and children faced all manner of health problems as well.

After being recommended unwanted solutions by traditional healthcare practitioners, Sima wanted to choose a path to healing that didn’t involve medication or invasive procedures. After researching, she booked in to visit Dr. Rena at Wellpsrings Wellness Center.

Taking a holistic approach to health, Wellpsrings combines nutritional programs with pioneering PEMF therapy. Sima experienced such profound changes to her mental and physical health that her husband and children eventually came along too.

Here, she shares her family’s incredible story of healing, and how you can experience the same benefits.


Sima’s Story

“After giving birth to my sixth child I felt awful. I was shaky, weak and on edge, I couldn’t get my strength back. I made an appointment at Wellsprings and was nervous before coming, but Dr. Rena reassured me they would take the process slowly.

“Being so depleted I was given supplements and a smoothie shake to take, and had sessions on the PEMF machine.

“After the second session my husband noticed I was acting more calmly around the children. Now after completing more sessions, I can honestly say I feel better than before many of my pregnancies. I’m stronger, clearer, more focused and I feel more empowered to make much healthier choices for myself and my children.

“Inspired by the changes he saw in me, my husband wanted to try it. Working a busy job, he had difficulty sleeping, suffered constipation and he was also depleted nutritionally.

“After a number of PEMF sessions, he experienced tremendous improvement in his energy levels, sleep, and he now had consistent, healthy bowel movements. Despite being resistant to change his diet at first, he naturally ate better once he felt better. For instance, he willingly ditched his favorite Danishes every morning in favor of fruit and nuts.”


Helping Children Heal

“Seeing my children happy, healthy and thriving is the biggest joy of all. My son who was almost 3 wasn’t growing well for his age. He had severe digestive issues causing him to be sick numerous times a day and was not hitting his developmental milestones.

“Wellpsrings created a nutritional program for him and he had PEMF sessions alongside it. Within a short time he was no longer being sick, his color had changed and he had vitality. His speech blossomed and he was happier in general. At a family reunion people didn’t recognise him or the way he now positively interacted with his cousins!

“My 8 ½-year-old daughter was always congested and had constant stomach aches. It got so bad that it was affecting her speech and confidence at school. The doctor said they’d need to put tubes down and remove her adenoids but I didn’t want to do that.

“After completing the PEMF therapy, doing recommended exercises and following a dairy- and gluten-free diet, she got much better. She started speaking clearly and her stomach didn’t hurt anymore. What’s more, she makes good independent food choices, her school work and friendships are great.”


A Warm, Welcoming Environment

“We were so comfortable at Wellpsrings. We learnt so much too, it was such a huge blessing to have this healing process.

“Looking back at my postpartum weakness, I’m sure I would have ended up on medication and at the psychiatrist’s office, which I didn’t want. I’m grateful that I found Wellsprings and the supportive staff that guided me and my family back to health and wellbeing.

“Seeing the changes in us, all my friends and family have now inquired at Wellsprings too! If you or your family want to experience transformational change, I encourage everybody to make the call, discuss your situation and see if this is for you.”

Call Dr. Rena today at 845-270-3352. Inquire about our Chanukah special!

Email your questions to [email protected]. Visit us at www.wellspringswellnesscenter.com.

Rena Schleifer, PhD, has been practicing health and wellness for over 30 years. She specializes in customized plans tailored to the individual. She introduced PEMF therapy to help people achieve a greater level of healing.

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