July 12, 2024
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July 12, 2024
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How to Get Your Home in Sale-Ready Condition

Preparing your house for walk-throughs and viewings can seem like quite an arduous and intimidating task. Here are some tips that will make the process more manageable and a lot less scary.

Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Remove mildew or moss from walls or walks.

Clean and repair patio and deck area.

Check for flat-fitting roof shingles.

Repair broken windows and shutters. Replace torn screens; make sure frames and seams have solid caulking.

Touch up exterior paint, repair gutters.

Clean and remove rust from any window air conditioning unit.

Paint the front door and mailbox.

General Interior Tips

Add a fresh coat of interior paint in light, neutral colors.

Shampoo carpeting and replace if needed.

Wash all windows, vacuum blinds, wash window sills.

Clean out and organize closets; add extra space by packing clothes and items you won’t need again until you’ve moved.

Repair problems such as loose door knobs, cracked molding, leaking taps and toilets, squeaky doors, closets or screen doors that are off their tracks.

The Kitchen

Make sure all appliances are in perfect working order.

The Bathrooms

Remove all rust and mildew.

Make sure all fixtures are in good repair.

Replace loose caulking or grout.

The Garage

Sell, give away, or throw out unnecessary items.

The Basement

Clean water heater and drain sediment.

Change furnace filter.

Clean and paint concrete floor and walls.

The Attic

Make sure energy-saving insulation is apparent.

Make sure air vent is in working order.

And at this time of the year, even if you aren’t getting ready to sell your home, remember to check the operation of your smoke detectors and change the batteries; inspect and ready your heating system; empty the ashes and clean the soot from your fireplace; and remember to set your clocks back one hour on November 5.

Susan Gerstman is a broker at Coldwell Banker.


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