September 30, 2023
September 30, 2023

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How to Keep Your Cool As the Weather Gets Warmer

While in the frost of the winter we hair coverers welcome the extra warmth that having an extra layer on our heads provides, with the heat approaching we struggle to stay cool. But don’t fret! Hair coverings have revolutionized so much over the past few years, it seems like every few months a new product comes onto the market. I created a summer sheital guide for you to help you stay calm and keep your “cool” all summer long.

Kippah falls have literally transformed hair covering in the modern Orthodox world. A kippah fall or topper is a hair piece that is worn over one’s hair when down. Clients who try them on are totally amazed at how lightweight and comfortable they are and how natural they appear. One of the best features of a kippah fall is that they can be worn in a pony or bun/updo, keeping one’s hair off their neck cooling them all summer long.

A fully enclosed cap version of the kippah fall is the Wonder Wig. The hair is specifically sown in a direction that allows the wearer to wear it up in a very high pony or bun. Customers love that they are able to fully cover their hair while still having all that hair completely off their face and neck.

A more formal option of the wonder wig would be the Pony Sheital. This is a full sheital that can be worn in a pony resting below ones occipital bone. The hair in the center of the sheital has a very low density, making it super light on the head and easily pulled back into a pony. The hair around the neckline is inverted or hand sewn so that it mimics the natural upsweep look one has with a pony. Since these pieces come with a multidirectional part (skin top), any type of bang can be cut into it.

The latest craze in hair covering that most recently popped up is the Bandits. It is a velcro band with hair attached. This will be taking the place of the traditional hat fall. Since there is no material or hair placed on the crown of the head it allows you to wear hats without having that extra bulk that equals less heat. The Brelco2 is similar to the Bandit. It is set in a trendy braid that became really hot this season.

Whether you’re basking in the sun on a beautiful beach or at the pool with your kids, or playing a competitive game of tennis, you can find a fashionable yet cool and comfortable manner in which to cover your hair all summer long.

By Sari Friedbauer


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