July 18, 2024
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July 18, 2024
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How to Save on Ink Cartridges Without Refilling

The biggest drawback of inkjet printers is frequent cartridge replacement. This equipment is less economical than laser machines but more suitable for high-resolution jobs. You can save on ink in many ways. If you are still thinking of trying DIY refilling, this article will help you avoid expensive mistakes.


Overview of Low-Cost Alternatives

At present, there are two key options — compatible and remanufactured supplies. The first category includes original products from smaller brands that are not affiliated with printer manufacturers. For example, Smart Ink’s compatible ink HP 933xl multipack allows owners of HP LaserJet Pro machines to save over £100 per purchase. Here is how:

  • An original multipack from the official HP shop costs £61.99;
  • A compatible multipack costs £15.99;
  • As these compatible cartridges contain an XL amount of ink, you will print at least twice as many pages.

Remanufactured cartridges are not entirely new. They include shells from used OEM products and new ink. During refurbishing, providers also replace any worn components and conduct rigorous tests to ensure excellent performance. Refilled and reconditioned cartridges cost much less than brand-new OEM products.


How High Is Print Quality?

Typically, both compatible and remanufactured items are supplied by the same brands. Not all of these companies are trustworthy, even despite their fierce competition. As long as you shop on trusted sites, you will get:

  • Certified quality as per ISO, Reach, CE, or STMC;
  • Comprehensive warranties like a 2-year money-back guarantee on all products;
  • Guaranteed testing before shipping;
  • 24/7 customer support by email, phone, and live chat.

Quality marks ensure that any differences in print quality are barely noticeable. Compatible cartridges perform just like their original counterparts, so why pay more?

Finding a reputable brand is not hard if you don’t mind doing some due diligence. Websites like Trustpilot will show you what the real shopping experience is like.  Check the quality of customer support and examine the return policy closely before placing an order.


 Is It Safe And Legal?

Low prices make some consumers wonder if these cartridges are legal or even safe to install. Provided that you shop wisely, you need not worry about recognition issues or leaks. Compatible cartridges are designed for specific models of printers, and they are assembled similarly to OEM products. As long as you install them correctly, they should work perfectly well.

In terms of legality, your right to save money is enshrined in consumer protection laws. Consumers are free to choose any printer supplies, and equipment manufacturers may not punish them for it. HP will not cancel your warranty just because you are using non-original supplies.


So, Why Not Refill?

Refilling cartridges at home can turn into a nightmare. It requires special skills. Amateurs risk damaging their cartridges and printers due to wrong techniques. If you are keen on recycling, buy remanufactured products. You can order them with the same warranties, free shipping and discounts online.

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