April 16, 2024
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April 16, 2024
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Hustle & Heart Sports Camps Cap Off Summer

(Hustle & Heart) It was another successful summer for Hustle & Heart Basketball camps—two sleepaway basketball camps for boys and girls entering fifth-12th grade. Competition was fierce and everyone worked hard! Players came from Atara (Cincinnati), Berman (Silver Spring), BYAM, DRS, Central, Flatbush, Frisch, HALB, HAFTR, HANC, Har Torah, He’Atid, JEC, Kushner, Maimonides (LA), Ma’ayanot, MDS, Moriah, Naaleh, Noam, North Shore, Ramaz, RYNJ, SAR, Shulamith, SKA, Yeshiva of South Shore, TABC, TAG, WTA, Yavneh and YCQ.

The boys’ camp took place simultaneously with Camp Dovid at Camp Lavi, which added another fun social component as friends were able to socialize when they weren’t playing basketball—and were able to watch each other’s games. See below for the complete list of player awards.

For the second year in a row, the girls’ camp took place over Shabbos. What an incredible weekend it was! The girls played their hearts out during the week and on Shabbos they were able to come together, make new friends, rest and enjoy each other’s company. Teams consisted of someone from middle school, high school and a staff member, resulting in 24 teams, all playing hard and having a ton of fun! Girls camp coaches including those from the Yeshiva League, as well as the YU Stern College basketball coach, along with other various trainers and coaches. On Saturday, the girls played in the Hustle & Heart Madness Tournament, a mixed tournament with the entire camp. See below for the complete list of player awards.

Boys Awards:

Hustle & Heart Award (best all around basketball player): Zachary Geisler (Yavneh), Tani Kastan (Berman), Zeke Ufberg (Frisch).

Most Outstanding Player: Liam Scheer (HAFTR), Reuben Tilis (HANC), Ezra Silfen (TABC).

All Star: Sammy Masri (HANC), Max Skoczylas (Har Torah), Nathan Rahmani (HAFTR), Oscar Segal (Moriah), Charlie Schechter (HAFTR), Jonah Galanti (HANC), Avinoam Grossman (Maimonides, LA).

Defensive Player: Yehuda Schaulewicz (YOSS), Moshe Broder (HALB), Shua Schloss (TABC)

Most Improved: Yosef Haimoff (HAFTR), Eytan Slasky (Frisch).

Girls Awards:

HH Madness Tournament winners: Leila Deluty (Frisch alum and current D1 Ramat Hasharon basketball team), Zoey Levy (Moriah/Frisch), Sarah Jacobs (Moriah), Emily Baum (Kushner), Ariella Schneider (Berman).

Hustle & Heart Award: Mia Form (Moriah), Dillan Haghighat (North Shore), Daphna Steinmetz (SKA), Galil Neuer (Frisch), Jenny Kagan (Berman).

Most Outstanding Player: Ayelet Strulowitz (Noam), Ariella Piontnica (Moriah), Eden Citron (Yavneh), Zoey Levy (Moriah-Frisch), Annabel Silverman (Frisch).

Defensive Player: Kayla Rieder (Noam), Lindsay Freund (HALB), Tiferet Ciner (Noam), Sarah Silver (Yavneh-Frisch), Isabelle Nadritch (Moriah/Frisch), Ayelet Eizikovitz (Ma’ayanot)

Most Improved Player: Ava Marks (HALB), Ella Hametz (HALB), Lily Hametz (YCQ), Blimi Farkas (Ashar/ Frisch), Julia Berry (SKA), Annaruth Boxer (HAFTR).

All Stars: JR Division: Lily Greenberg (HALB), Michelle Schiowitz (HAFTR), Orly Hoffer (Noam), Molly Konig (HALB), Sarena Garson (Noam), (MS Division) Jordana Green (Moriah), Sarah Jacobs (Moriah), Leeba Weiss (Maimonides, LA), Shayna Eizikovitz (RYNJ), Noa Schulder (Noam), Lea Steinmetz (HALB), Sema Gindin (SAR), Kira Berry (HALB), Leah Barzideh (He’Atid).

HS Division: Ally Weber (Moriah/Frisch), Evelyn Fried (Moriah/Frisch), Olivia Solomon (Moriah/SAR), Alex Magence (SAR), Leah Sicklick (HALB/SKA), Megan Scharf (HAFTR), Lily Wurzburger (Frisch), Eliana Leitner (Central), Sari Gross (SKA), Meira Falk (Berman), Sydney Fishkin (SAR), Shoshana Schwarz (Frisch), Emily Leiberman (Frisch), Simone Amkraut (Flatbush).

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