March 2, 2024
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March 2, 2024
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(The Jerusalem Post) Invited for a meal in the sukkah? You can’t come empty-handed!

Here are some creative and original gift ideas to keep everyone in the holiday spirit.


Seal It With a Kiss

What better way to celebrate a Jewish holiday than with Judaica? A mezuzah is a brilliant holiday gift for whoever is hosting your meal.

Mezuzahs have become opportunities to show off some unique art in recent years, so go to your local Judaica store and pick out a special design that speaks to you.


Raise a Glass

Everyone loves drinking on holidays, so instead of bringing one simple bottle, bring a gift box of specially curated wines. Israeli wineries all over are preparing special holiday packages of wines, and oftentimes they come with neat kitchen gadgets alongside them.


From Farmer’s Market to Table

Sukkot is a time to rest, to be with family, and most of all, to cook!

So make the whole ordeal more fun with a new set of pots and pans that everyone can gather and chat around.


It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Sukkot!

There’s nothing like walking in and smelling that freshly cooked holiday meal wafting in from the kitchen.

That being said, sometimes you don’t want to fall asleep to the smell of leftover fish. So instead, why don’t you gift your host some diffusers, perfumes and scented candles?

Fall scents tend to be a bit muskier, which perfectly covers up the smell of cooking with cozy smells that make you ready to curl up in bed after a big meal.


Keepin’ It Jewish

If we’re already on the subject of Judaica—we were before—getting your family and friends a nice Star of David necklace or hamsa wall ornaments is the perfect way for them to decorate around their holiday table.

Plus, it stays on theme!


Invest in Artists

“The struggling artist” is a trope we’ve all heard and seen, but this holiday season, it’s the perfect time to invest and contribute to Israeli artists who are looking to curate special pieces for new clients.

A little bit of extra money could go a long way in getting someone an incredibly unique gift.


Stop, You Shouldn’t Have!

Israel is not lacking in unique, delicious flavors. So pass those flavors along: Bring your friends and family gift baskets with Israeli spices, oils, specialty honey and more, with unique flavors that any chef, new or experienced, can enjoy experimenting with in the kitchen.


Just My Cup of Tea

Just like with spices, Israel has a broad range of teas that you can easily put together into a unique gift. From regular old tea bags to more unique loose leaf and dried fruit teas, you can bring all those special flavors together in a lovely bundle.

Try the spice shops in your local market! You might find some unique smells and flavors that your holiday host is sure to love.


Party Time

If you’re being hosted for dinner, then yeah, they probably have a set of china. But what’s less sure is that they have all those specialty serving dishes that are so lovely to see on the holiday table.

From cake stands to Champagne glasses, gift your host some of the unique, trendy table must-haves this holiday season.


A Cuppa Joe

While getting yourself a particularly nice French press or coffee grinder may be a little above your price limit, capsule-based espresso machines come to a dime a dozen these days.

Well, maybe not exactly a dime a dozen, but they’re still right in that sweet spot of appropriate gift price for the holidays. Plus, you may get a delicious espresso shot out of it after dinner.


Planning a Successful Time

Putting together a family meal is hard, and keeping track of all the things one needs to do is even harder.

So make your host’s life a bit easier and gift them a beautiful planner for the coming year. Since we’re in that ideal sweet spot, you can go with a school year calendar that begins in September or an annual one that starts this coming January.

Another option is a big wall calendar for one’s home, office, or home office—these come in super handy, trust us!


Practice Makes Perfect

While physical goods are always fun, there’s nothing quite like the gift of time. So gift your friends or family an outing, whether it be a date night or an escape room, a massage or go-karting.

Whatever you decide to bring, enjoy yourself and have a wonderful holiday!

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