September 26, 2023
September 26, 2023

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In the Market for a Luxury Timepiece? The Bezelry Is Your Best Bet

It’s the simcha season! Do you have a chattan in your life who needs a beautiful gift? A graduate? A father? Then look no further than The Bezelry, a new watch venture that primarily purchases high-end luxury timepieces and sells them for competitive prices, run by partners Yosef Chai Klein of Teaneck, who works in finance, and Ziv Tamir, a Miami-based law student and partner in multiple watch ventures.

The venture’s main focus is to buy and sell watches, aiming to secure the best prices for specific luxury timepieces; often a client comes to them with a specific brand or item request. The team is nimble and prides itself on working on tight deadlines for clients, particularly if the watch is a graduation, wedding or Father’s Day gift.

Klein explained that he got into the business of buying and selling watches because he has an affinity for them and has long enjoyed the side hobby of “getting fantastic watches at a great deal,” which is how he met Tamir. The pair now have a growing and enthusiastic clientele, with an active Instagram handle @TheBezelry and the tagline “Purveyors of Exceptional Timepieces.” With no showroom, they have the ability to source specific pieces with their vast network of contacts, and respond quickly to text messages via their WhatsApp channels. As their business grows in Englewood, Manhattan, Teaneck and Bergenfield, a showroom option is being considered.

Tamir has been in the watch business in Miami for close to two decades and has multiple other ventures. Although The Bezelry is based in downtown Miami, Klein and Tamir are looking to expand The Bezelry’s influence on the East Coast, so they have recently started a venture together in the New Jersey/New York region. They also invest on behalf of their clients in the ever-growing watch market and manage jewelry requests for specific brands as well.

Clients can either specify models they are looking for, or the pair can go ahead and make recommendations based on experience and the client’s interests. If a client calls with a vague idea for a gift, The Bezelry can ask a few simple questions to help them narrow down their search and recommend the right fit.

When unwrapping his new IWC Mercedes AMG collab watch (in Patronus green), Tzvi Wiesel, a customer who was featured on The Bezelry’s Instagram story this past Tuesday, said: “Sickest thing on the market. Not even on the market!”

Klein and Tamir pride themselves on their service and integrity. Klein explained that if someone needs a watch in three days, they can work with the customer to make that happen. They also shared an example of when a customer needed a watch repaired soon after its delivery. The Bezelry ensured that it was quickly repaired and covered the cost of its reparation.

While customer service is deemed the “most important” value to Klein and Tamir, who believe in the quality of their products, they also believe in social responsibility and the importance of maaser. A portion of The Bezelry’s fees go to tzedaka, and Klein’s goal is to collaborate with Chai Lifeline and HASC, two causes that are important to him. Klein explained that, because of his love for charity, buying luxury watches from The Bezelry also involves supporting tzedaka.

The partners launched their venture ahead of this busy wedding and Father’s Day season. If you are looking for a watch for a simcha, investing in watches for the dad in your life, buying a memorable gift for a graduation, or are just looking for a great deal on a high-quality watch, you can find The Bezelry on Instagram at @TheBezelry, or contact their WhatsApp at 347-415-0566. They are also looking to launch a website within the coming month or two.

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