July 13, 2024
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July 13, 2024
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Introducing Dental Direct Israel: Your Premier Dental Concierge Service

Dr. Rachel David

You are preparing your child for his/her year in Israel, or your own weeks-long (or longer) trip to Israel. You’ve undoubtedly taken care of numerous essentials: packing clothes, filling prescriptions, securing a phone plan and even subscribing to a healthcare service. Yet, amidst the flurry of preparations, there’s one crucial aspect you might have overlooked: dental coverage in Israel.

You might be thinking, “I’m young” or “I’m in good shape,” assuming dental care can wait. However, reconsidering this notion is prudent.

Dr. Rachel David, a seasoned dentist based in Jerusalem, holds active licenses in both Israel and the United States. In a recent conversation with The Jewish Link, she shared insights into the experiences of students and visitors who encountered unexpected dental issues while in Israel. Some even resorted to flying back to the U.S. for treatment—an unnecessary inconvenience, according to Dr. David.

“It pains me to witness students enduring unnecessary suffering due to dental problems that could have been addressed sooner,” reflected Dr. David. “Many endure toothaches and discomfort, prolonging their agony while attempting to navigate Israel’s dental system—a daunting task, particularly when they’re far from home and unfamiliar with local resources. Often, they find themselves waiting until their parents wake up in America to assist them in finding suitable care.

Recently, a patient presented with acute pain in one tooth, only to discover multiple deep cavities in her front teeth upon examination. “I emphasized the importance of immediate attention, cautioning against the “wait until Pesach” mentality that could result in large black holes in her front teeth.”

Similarly, another patient sought treatment only after experiencing excruciating pain. Had they sought care a few months earlier, the prognosis could have been significantly more favorable, potentially salvaging the tooth with a simple filling.

Driven by these anecdotes and her own expertise, Dr. David founded Dental Direct Israel—an innovative venture that caters to non-residents without Israeli healthcare coverage, offering exceptional dental treatments at affordable prices.

Dental Direct Israel operates under the mantra “Your Dental Concierge in Israel,” providing access to top-tier dental care, treatment discounts and preventative services. Membership options start at just $375 per year, ensuring peace of mind for students and long-term visitors alike.

Dr. David has integrated routine checkups and cleanings into the membership prices, ensuring that students have every reason to prioritize their dental health. By catching issues early, patients not only safeguard their smiles but also avoid costly and painful treatments down the line.

The range of services offered by Dental Direct Israel is comprehensive, covering routine check-ups, cosmetic procedures like prosthetics and implants, emergency dental care, relief from teeth grinding and referrals to trusted specialists. Dr. David’s extensive network includes endodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists, orthodontists, oral medicine specialists and prosthodontists, ensuring comprehensive care for every dental need.

Conveniently located in three prime locations across Jerusalem—Talpiyot, the Wolfson Towers and Rechov Haneviim—Dental Direct Israel is easily accessible to those in need of dental care.

Testimonials from satisfied clients further underscore the value of Dental Direct Israel. Michal Weinstein, from the Five Towns, commended Dr. David’s prompt response to her daughter’s dental emergency, highlighting the importance of continued dental care during her daughter’s seminary year.

“I signed my daughter up for Dental Direct Israel’s membership program and my daughter ended up needing emergency treatment right before our oldest daughter’s wedding. It was a Friday and Dr. David came in just to see her. I think it’s very important to continue dental care during your seminary year and not neglect yourself. This service is perfect and necessary. Dr. David is personable, knowledgeable and reliable.”

Similarly, Sarah Einhorn, from Lakewood, New Jersey, expressed gratitude for Dr. David’s meticulous care and coordination during her son’s dental procedures, emphasizing Dr. David’s proactive communication and personalized treatment plans.

“Dov came in for a routine cleaning and dental checkup. During Dov’s dental examination, Dr. David identified that his wisdom tooth was impacted against his second molar, resulting in a sizable cavity in the second molar. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Dr. David recommended extracting the wisdom tooth and promptly restoring the cavity to prevent further complications that could lead to a root canal (that would be painful for Dov and less importantly painful for my wallet). Rachel, recognizing the complexity of the situation, promptly facilitated the referral to a skilled surgeon and coordinated the treatment plan. She also assisted in arranging a payment plan for the procedure.”

“Despite Dov’s initial lack of urgency regarding the wisdom teeth extraction, Dr. David maintained consistent communication, gently reminding him of the importance of the procedure without being pushy. The after-care provided was exceptional, with Dr. David being readily available for guidance regarding medications and protocols. Recently, she successfully treated the deep cavity, sparing Dov from the potential need for a root canal. Throughout the process, Rachel’s dedication to ensuring Dov’s well-being was evident. She provides a level of care that truly sets her apart as a healthcare professional.”

“Dr. David is caring, incredibly skilled, can communicate the issues at hand and provides a treatment plan tailored to my son’s needs and particulars. She communicates with me and more importantly other professionals (in my son’s case, an oral surgeon) to make sure that Dov got the caliber of treatment required. In short, Dr. David provides quality-caliber care and does all the worrying so I, as a parent, don’t have to. What a gift to an out-of-country parent.”

In essence, Dental Direct Israel isn’t just about dental care—it’s about empowering individuals to take control of their oral health. By leveraging the benefits of membership tracks, patients not only invest in their smiles but also embrace a proactive approach to dental wellness.

Don’t wait until problems arise—join Dental Direct Israel and embark on a journey towards lasting oral health and confidence.

To learn more about their services, visit their website at https://dentaldirectisrael.com/.

Harry Glazer is the Middlesex community editor of The Jewish Link. He can be reached at [email protected].

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