November 29, 2023
November 29, 2023

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‘It Is A Dig Too Far’ Outcry As Nazi Treasure Hunters Search A Concentration Camp Cemetery for £150million Amber Room of the Tsars

Police are probing a borehole in a cemetery containing the remains of murdered concentration camp victims which they believe was dug by Nazi treasure hunters searching for the fabled Amber Room of the tsars.

Ever since a book called The Puzzle of Poppen Wood by Mario Ulbrich was released two years ago the search for the fabled treasure has lured legions of hunters to the scene of old mine workings in eastern Germany seeking the fortune estimated at over £150 million.

Ulbrich interviewed foresters, policemen, miners and old Nazis for his work which chronicles two decades of largely unreported quarrying in the wood near Zwickau in East Germany.

Missing treasure: Fortune seekers are rasing the woods of east Germany in the hunt for the Amber Room, seen here recreated in 2003, widely regarded as the world’s most important missing art treasure

But now a borehole has been discovered in the village of Bad Schlema in Saxony which mayor Jens Mueller says is a dig too far. “This is a place of rest for 42 victims of the Nazis,” he said. “It is too much. It is the work of the treasure hunters.”

By Allan Hall, UK News

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