September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ & Wexner Foundation Announce Selection of New Members For Next Jerry Waldor Institute

The Jerry Waldor Institute, partnering with the Wexner Foundation, is proud to announce the selection of the next class of Wexner fellows from Greater MetroWest.

Local philanthropists and Federation have partnered with the Wexner Foundation to underwrite the program. Archie Gottesman and Dr. Lynne B Harrison chaired the Wexner campaign in order to raise money for the next two to three Wexner classes in Greater MetroWest. This endowment will fund two additional cohorts over the next 10 years. Archie is an alumna of Wexner and Lynne is committed to Jewish education. Together they make the perfect team.

“We are so grateful to Lynne and Archie—and to all of the Wexner alumni who have ‘paid it forward’—to help ensure that there will be at least two more cohorts of Wexner classes here in Greater MetroWest,” remarked Leslie Dannin Rosenthal, President, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ. “Wexner is a both a personal Jewish journey for each participant and the creation of a dynamic entity that serves as a resource for the entire Greater MetroWest community, as the individual participants take their learning out to their families, synagogues and community organizations. I’m thrilled to have Wexner Heritage as part of the life of Greater MetroWest for the next two years.”

The Jerry Waldor Institute-Wexner Heritage Program brings together 20 fellows from the Greater MetroWest community for the program. Through a series of shared experiences, intensive discussion, travel, study, and reflection, participants will gain deeper connections and commitment to Federation and the local Jewish community. The Jerry Waldor Institute-Wexner Heritage Program will cultivate and develop the next generation of leaders and decision-makers who will transform Federation and the Greater MetroWest community.

Our outstanding class of new Wexner Fellows includes: Taryn Berelowitz, Shari Brandt, Lisa Buber, William Cohen, Lisa Gutkin, Marc Leibowitz, David Leit, Craig Levine, Jonathan Liss, Lee Murnick, Ariel Nelson, Jamie Ramsfelder, Aviva Roland, Lina Rubin, Rachel Scherzer, Maxine Schwartz, Dina Simon, Stacy Stuart, Brett Tanzman, Jane Wilf.

Wexner is Federation’s premier leadership development program for a select group of outstanding men and women who have the ability to shape and transmit a vision of Jewish life and communal responsibility. It was conceived as a memorial to Jerry Waldor, a man of vision and skill and a tremendous leadership force for the Jewish community. His friends and family wanted to train future leaders to be as committed, as selfless, and as effective in the Jewish community.

The Wexner Foundation was created in 1985 by Leslie Wexner, chairman and CEO of Limited Brands. The Wexner Heritage Program, a prestigious two-year program designed to develop and strengthen the skills of top Jewish communal leaders, has been conducted in 31 communities throughout North America and boasts more than 1,500 alumni who have gone on to become top leaders in their communities.

With a distinguished faculty of professors, rabbis, professionals, and civic leaders, the Jerry Waldor Institute-Wexner Heritage Program will offer participants the opportunity to meet peers from a broad range of community institutions. Upon completion of the program, participants will be offered opportunities to move into high-level leadership positions within Federation and its network of agencies.

For more information, contact Aviva Roland at (973) 929-3179 or [email protected].

By Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

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