April 8, 2024
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April 8, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Jewish Link Monthly Kids ART Contest: Draw a Character From the Purim Story!

Congratulations to our winners!

Yehuda, Elana and Daniel, email [email protected] to claim your Chickies gift card!

1st Place Winner – Yehuda Blau, age 10, Teaneck.


2ND Place Winner – Elana Citron, age 8, Hillside.


3rd Place Winner – Daniel Isser, age 5, Bergenfield.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Atara Chaitovsky, age 7, Teaneck.


Daphna Gottlieb, age 9, New Milford.


Tali Gottlieb, age 6, New Milford.


Aliza Rosen, age 6, Bergenfield.


Atara Goldwasser, age 9, Teaneck.


Leah Glanzman, age 6, Bergenfield.


Maya Ratzersdorfer, age 10, Bergenfield.


Rosie Glanzman, age 3, Bergenfield.


Sarah Weinberg, age 11, New Rochelle.


Akiva Schulgasser, age 6, Teaneck.


Avi Schachter, age 3, Fair Lawn.


Miri Schulgasser, age 9, Teaneck.


Rachel Schmalberg, age 7, Bergenfield.


Aharon Blau, age 7, Teaneck.


Arielle Forman, age 8, Teaneck.


Batya Adams, age 6, Teaneck.


Gavriella Avner, age 5, Teaneck.


Matan Kugelman, age 5, Bergenfield.


Shaya Aron, age 6, Teaneck.


Sophie S, age 6, Teaneck.


Alana Weinberg, age 9, New Rochelle.


Rina Rosman, age 9, Teaneck.


Tamar Rosen, age 8, Bergenfield.


Zev Cohn, age 9, Teaneck.


Shira Schachter, age 7, Fair Lawn.


Shoshana Schachter, age 6, Fair Lawn.


Yaakov Isser, age 8, Bergenfield.


Ariel Cohn, age 9, Teaneck.


Ayala Mayer, age 8, Bergenfield.


Azi Mayer, age 6, Bergenfield.


Julie Remin, age 11, Ramat Beit Shemesh.


Avigayil Engel, age 8, Bergenfield.


Eliana Bierbryer, age 8, Fair Lawn.


Kivi Cohn, age 5, Teaneck.


Miriam Bergman, age 8, Fort Lee. I chose Queen Esther because Esther is her middle name, and Esther is strong and helpful.


Rena Blau, age 8, Teaneck.


Samson Waldman, age 6, Teaneck.


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