July 17, 2024
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July 17, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Jewish Link Monthly Kids ART Contest: Happy Father’s Day!

Congratulations to our winners!

Nurit, Ayla, Jojo and Batya, email [email protected] to claim your Chickies gift card!

1st Place Winner – Nurit, age 8, and Ayla, age 6, Gamzeh, Bergenfield. We love our dad because he tickles us and puts us on his shoulders. It’s so fun!


2ND Place Winner –
Jojo Rackovsky, age 7, Riverdale. I love my dad because he likes the Knicks.


3rd Place Winner – Batya Nachbar, age 9, Teaneck.

Thank you for the great entries!

Atara Chaitovsky, age 7, Teaneck.


Eliana Melnikov, age 10, Fair Lawn.


Hillel Citron, age 7, Hillside.


Sarina Rackovsky, age 4, Riverdale. When Abba waters my plants, I smile.


Noa Harel, age 10, Manhattan.


Shmuel Rackovsky, age 10, Riverdale. I love that my dad is good at playing piano.


Yael Gilder, age 8, Fair Lawn.


Yair Sulimanoff, age 11, Teaneck.


Aharon Blau, age 7, Teaneck.


Libby Courtney, age 13, Riverdale.


Maya Max, age 7, Teaneck.


Miri Schulgasser, age 9, Teaneck. My father always saves the day.


Avigail Rabinowitz, age 9, Fair Lawn. I love hiking with my dad.


Moses Courtney, age 8, Riverdale.


Rena Blau, age 8, Teaneck.


Yehuda Blau, age 10, Teaneck.


Aiden Barth, age 10, Fair Lawn.
Daphna Gottlieb, age 9, New Millford.
Shayna Crystal, age 11, Edison.
Yehuda Sulimanoff, age 9, Teaneck.


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