September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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JKHA Connects on Book Day

JKHA seventh graders were immersed in a Book Day program, a culminating event following the students’ completion of “The Exact Location of Home” by Kate Messner. The novel tackles issues of identity, friendship and the pitfalls of making assumptions about others while accompanying the main character as he deals with upheaval in his own life, including unexpectedly becoming homeless. The day’s program centered on the question “What is home?” and featured hands-on STEAM projects, teamwork, thematic connections with the book and innovative collaboration between the JKHA middle school and RKYHS. High school leaders led their group of students through six interactive challenges that drew on the connection between the text and the theme of home. The day helped them grasp the value and importance of home, with all of its myriad physical, emotional and conceptual components, as students recognized how fortunate they are to have multiple places in their lives that serve as a form of home, including JKHA/RKYHS.

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