September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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JKHA Focuses on Animals and Lifecycles

Over the course of this past year, my classmaJKHA early childhood has been focusing on animals and their lifecycles. EC4 immersed themselves in a unit on animals and their habitats. Each week, they took an in-depth look at a new animal that corresponded with their letter of the week, and learned about their habitats. EC4 has finished all the letters of the English alphabet. To celebrate they had a special Animal Day recently. Children came dressed in an animal costume or clothing with an animal on it and were treated to a live animal show. Students were excited to bring home their habitat binders that they’ve been working so hard on all year.

Gan students are always very excited for the final science unit of the year—the life cycle of butterflies. Students get to observe live caterpillars as they grow, form their chrysalides and emerge as butterflies. Students were thrilled to release the butterflies into the wild. EC4 is also studying lifecycles, but the lifecycle of a ladybug. They received the small larvae in their classrooms and observed that they don’t look like the ladybugs they see outside. They can’t wait to watch them from the pupa stage and continue their metamorphosis into ladybugs. Throughout the unit they observe them and record their findings as they document the physical changes of the ladybugs. They will read many books about ladybugs where they will learn interesting facts and about their lifecycle.

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