September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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JLNJ Publisher Visits Noam Third Grade Class

This past Monday, our Yeshivat Noam 3A classroom received a unique visitor for the first of a series of parent speakers talking about their careers. The visitor was none other than my father, Moshe Kinderlehrer, the founder and co-publisher of the Jewish Link of New Jersey.

He made a lot of jokes and spoke about how the Jewish Link is put together every week with help from his editors, designers and salespeople. He emphasized that he has really good people working for him at the paper. He also explained that he started the paper because he felt that our local religious Jewish community needed its own paper to read on Shabbos.

He explained how he also works closely with many of the local businesses and schools on advertising and it turned out that the father of one of my friends in our class was a Jewish Link advertiser, a fact I hadn’t known before. My father handed out copies of the paper for everyone to look at and I was really impressed by how attentive my fellow classmates were.

All in all, I have to give my father a good grade for speaking in my classroom. He didn’t embarrass me and I think my friends would not even mind if he came back. Thanks, Abba!

By Eyal Kinderlehrer, JLNJ Contributing School Correspondent

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