September 27, 2023
September 27, 2023

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Join the Garden State Warriors at OHEL OXC

An amazing group is being formed in this area to prep for the fourth annual OXC—OHEL Xtreme Challenge—which is set for Sunday, May 27, at Camp Kaylie in Wurtsboro, New York. The Garden State Warriors, run by fitness guru Carol (Chani) Teigman, plan to train and fundraise for OHEL and have a great time and enjoy some powerful workouts along the way.

Currently, the group has around 20 people registered, but it is looking to double or triple this number and is seeking willing and able-bodied participants. They are welcoming anyone to sign up with a commitment of raising at least $1,000 per individual. More and more people are signing up each day, and the goal is to have the Garden State Warriors be the largest group represented at the challenge.

The group is training every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. at The Gym in Englewood, with the training consisting of spinning, Tabata, weights, treadmill, TRX training, rowing and strength training, and group members don’t need to be members of The Gym to participate. Participants aren’t required to attend the training sessions but they will be missing out on great and fun workouts and being sore for the next week…until the next workout. The group looks forward to having a huge group from this area dedicated to this special cause and to having an awesome day.

To sign up, go to�and join the Garden State Warriors team. If you have any questions, call 718-972-9338 or email [email protected].

By Dena Kinderlehrer

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