June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Jordan Comet: Everyone’s Favorite Neighborhood Lawyer

Since 1992, local resident and beloved attorney extraordinaire Jordan Comet has always been the guy in the neighborhood whom everyone knows they can turn to for all sorts of legal matters. A solo practitioner, he has lived and worked in New Jersey for over 30 years, and his vast knowledge and level of experience has been of great benefit to people both in and out of the community. Comet explains that being an experienced lawyer means that you have to be someone who is willing to find a peaceful solution to an issue while also being ready for a fight, if the need arises. “For the client’s benefit, you have to know when to be tough, but also when to be the person coming in to settle and resolve an issue as quickly and expeditiously as possible.”

Among Comet’s many areas of expertise are real estate law, municipal and criminal litigation, business law as well as wills, trusts & estates.


Real Estate Law

“This is a very tough market right now and home inventory is very low. So the important aspect of buying a home in this type of market is that no one wants the deal to fall apart,” Comet said. Regularly handling closings, he’s represented both buyers and sellers and is extremely well versed in negotiating the right contractual terms while maintaining the importance of making sure that both sides have realistic and logical expectations. He says that sometimes people involved in the deal have unrealistic expectations, but the right attorney will know what to ask for and which items are truly important when it comes to contractual negotiations. “Tempering everyone’s expectations with a cogent understanding of the deal helps both sides.”

Comet also has extensive litigation experience when it comes to representing clients involved in contested matters relating to real estate, including landlord-tenant disputes. “Experience really says a lot, so you want to protect your investment by having the right person on your side. That is the key to real estate transactions, and that includes litigation.”


Municipal and Criminal Litigation

Specializing in municipal law, Comet represents clients in matters ranging from driving offenses to home violations, and even criminal matters that could end up in local municipal courts or state superior court.

Comet advises all property owners to always consider whether a permit or variance is required prior to doing any work or alterations on their property. Unfortunately, people sometimes fail to abide by local laws and regulations, which is where Comet comes in. Upon receiving a property violation, clients often call on him, not only to protect themselves from damage that has already been done, but to also help them prevent any further legal damages that could ensue.

When it comes to driving offenses, he said, “The biggest mistake people make if they get pulled over is not being nice. I’m a big advocate of the fact that one need not say anything or volunteer any information to a police officer who has just pulled someone over. However, it would be a huge mistake to be rude.” A police officer, Comet explained, is simply doing his or her job when pulling someone over on a traffic stop. But, being rude is just not the way to approach the situation. “You should be nice, not just for the kiddush Hashem aspect but also because the police are protecting the public and are just doing their jobs.” If someone is ticketed, issued a summons or is facing a criminal case and the police ask to speak to you, then the answer is always, “Talk to my lawyer,” said Comet. “There is never a time where you should feel that it would benefit you to talk to the police without a lawyer by your side.”


Business and Commercial Law

A veteran in business law, Comet regularly helps owners and their businesses navigate the ins and outs required to set up and maintain a business, from entity formation through ongoing operations, reviewing contracts, employment agreements, collections and matters requiring civil litigation. Starting a business comes with an abundance of legal paperwork, he explained, and having an attorney who is thoroughly familiar with the process is of the utmost importance.

“Every facet of starting, operating and growing your business is another level where one needs to protect themselves, and having the right attorney to guide you through the process and prevent detrimental situations, especially if litigation arises, can make all the difference in the world.”


Wills, Trusts and Estates

Comet is well versed in the preparation of wills, trusts and estate planning. “When it comes to wills and trusts, people just want peace of mind for protecting their assets and directing them where they want them to go.” For that, Comet will organize an entire package that he calls a “safety mechanism” that allows his clients to feel confident by ensuring that they are leaving their money and assets in the right place.

For each of these areas of law, where people find themselves in need of an attorney, it is good to know that there is an experienced local lawyer ready and able to handle your case and help navigate you to a positive outcome.

To learn more about Jordan Comet and all the ways he can help protect you, visit https://www.cometlaw.com/. For immediate assistance, call him at 201-385-1900 or email him at [email protected]

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