July 24, 2024
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July 24, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

KosherValet.com Brings Kosher Convenience Straight to Your Door

What if you could do all your Shabbat shopping from a wide variety of stores while sitting on your couch watching Netflix?

Sign. Me. Up.

All you have to do is visit KosherValet.com, where you will discover an amazing assortment of kosher specialty products and boutique vendors from your favorite local haunts and beyond, including some hard to find products that may not be readily available in your own neighborhood. Then relax, put your feet up, and do some point-and-click shopping for all your meals from just one single website. In fact, KosherValet can help you with all your food related needs from big holiday gatherings to parties and special events.

For over six years KosherValet.com has been linking its customers to vendors selling specialty items. The idea came to Joe Danziger one summer in Deal, New Jersey, when he saw how challenging it was to shop for Shabbat. The traffic, crowded stores and multiple trips were a stressful experience, so with his extensive background in software development, he figured out a way to allow residents to order all their kosher food without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes.

“What if I just built a system where I could deliver for everybody? And then it all kind of came together, so really it was from Hashem, the whole idea,” Danziger said. “I really look at it that way because it just clicked, and the second that idea came I knew instantly that it was going to be something people would be interested in, because it would solve a big problem.” When the summer came to a close, he found he had a built-in customer base that appreciated the ease of shopping with KosherValet.com and wanted to continue the experience.

“For a customer, the real advantage is that they can order all their favorite items from each individual vendor,” Danziger said. “They might like the coleslaw from one place and the chicken from another place and the challah from a totally different vendor, but they can order all their different favorite items in one place and get them in one delivery for one flat fee.”

By pooling together all these vendors, KosherValet.com is able to give customers this amazing selection of foods from large purveyors and boutique businesses alike.

So Danziger began with businesses in Brooklyn that many people already know and love, like Mazza and More, Holon Foods and Candy Man, to name a few. Of course, all the establishments and home businesses that people know from Deal were also already in the mix, including Nicole’s Kitchen, Sarah’s Tent and Nahum Bakery. There’s also an impressive selection of gourmet bakers including Challi & Biscotti, Bread & Batter, and Macalicious Macarons.

Then, with so many people beginning to sell their items through social media outlets like Instagram, “we started to see this budding industry of food makers and we noticed where it was getting difficult for them to figure out how to get their product distributed to a whole bunch of people in all different areas.” So Danziger set out to solve the logistics and allowed these boutique vendors to sell their unique products on a greater scale. “We are making it so that they can sell their products wholesale. We also facilitate the wholesale side, or rather more of the distribution side, helping vendors get their products into different stores outside their neighborhoods.”

The vendors come from all over and range from major commercial outfits to individuals making specialty items right out of their own homes, including World of Chantilly, GlutenFree.sy, Grandma’s Cheese and Sylvia’s Candies.

“We are starting to carry a lot more items from all over the country, including some special barbecue sauces from Texas and gummy bears made with real fruit from California,” Danziger said. But at KosherValet.com customers can also order items from Cipriani Foods, which makes a kosher line of pasta and sauces from Italy, or the Mood Cookie Company, which offers an enticing array of all-natural vegan cookies. Then there’s Il Mulino selling their scrumptious pasta sauces and Graze Smokehouse, where you can order from a large selection of craft jerky and dried meats straight from KosherValet.com’s website.

Danziger describes his operation as a “food hub” where they bring in the food from various vendors straight to their Brooklyn warehouse and from there it gets sorted into individual customer orders and sent out with their delivery teams.

You can even make your holidays a game-changer with KosherValet.com. “We’re very big when it comes to holidays because we work with a lot of boutique food makers. We also have a lot of holiday themed items as well. We are really geared around making it easy for people to entertain family and friends,” Danziger said. Special events including shalom zachors and brises are no exception.

Danziger explained that there are so many products out there all across the country that haven’t been readily available in certain markets, until now. “There are different innovations in the food industry that are making these things a little bit easier for us to be able to find them, and there are a lot of cool companies and products coming out.” For instance, there are specialty products in the natural, organic vegan markets and many of these companies are happy to take that next step to get them into the hands of the kosher consumer. KosherValet.com is on the hunt for these products to add them to their site.

If there is something specific that you are looking for that is not listed on the website you can reach out to KosherValet.com and they will do their best to get it for you. “Even if it’s something that is not listed on the website but it’s something that a vendor is making, we can always arrange it and get it all delivered for the customer. We just want to make it an awesome shopping experience.”

The important thing to remember is to look at the deadlines. Although the deadline to order for Bergen County is Thursday at 9 a.m., some vendors have their own specific deadlines to ensure quality freshness. Once you register and begin your shopping experience, you will notice that each item will have the order deadline listed next to it once you place it in your shopping cart. If you miss the deadline, though, KosherValet.com will do their best to try and accommodate your wishes.

Nationwide shipping is also available. To place your order visit www.koshervalet.com.

By Ronit Mershon


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