September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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Kozy Kitchens Redefines Style

Teaneck—Ask most kitchen design experts the most basic of kitchen must-haves and they’ll likely respond “the triangle.” They’re not talking about the Bermuda Triangle where all your teaspoons disappear to hang out with all those lost socks from the dryer, they’re talking about the workflow triangle, the one that exists between the fridge, sink, and cooktop. Although the classic triangle has been modified many times over with the inclusion of modern conveniences like a microwave and dishwasher, it remains the foundation of a well-designed kitchen.

Ask Aaron Lapp, owner of Kozy Kitchens on Cedar Lane in Teaneck about the triangle and he chuckles. “In a kosher kitchen there are so many triangles that overlap, it’s totally useless.”

Mr. Lapp has so much experience specializing in kosher kitchen design that he’s taught a college course on the subject.

Kosher kitchens are different. When homeowners who keep kosher are looking for a kitchen renovation and come to him with an architect’s design plan in hand, he often finds he needs to begin the kitchen design process from the ground up.

Everyone has been in a kitchen that just doesn’t feel right, where the movement never seems to flow and the interaction of workspaces somehow never finds its rhythm. Maybe the garbage requires a trek from the prep area or the oven floats with no logical place to put stuff down next to it. Those things happen when a designer isn’t designing the space for the way that people will actually use it, and how families who keep kosher use their space much differently from the average American Joneses.

Aaron Lapp fell into kitchen design almost by accident. As a young man an opportunity arose to work at a kitchen installation company and he decided to give it a shot. Over the years his career brought him to all types of jobs, learning first-hand all aspects of the process—from the selling of cabinetry and parts to getting his hands dirty, installing kitchens piece by piece at night after selling the parts during the day. He’s learned all the design software and he’s even worked construction sites so he has an overall knowledge of kitchens and construction, from start to finish.

It was about six years ago that he decided the time had come to open his own space. Having lived in Teaneck, he knew the community and knew that he had something special he could offer. He opened a modest storefront on Cedar Lane and despite a rocky start that can be attributed to complicated partnerships and more so to a tanking economy and housing market, he worked hard and stayed afloat. Over the years he has built a reputation for creating some of the most beautifully elegant and functional spaces in this area and beyond. His Clifton workshop is where they build all their custom cabinetry for kitchens and also baths, vanities, wall units, and custom closets.

And it’s not just kitchens in Bergen County homes. Kozy Kitchens has fulfilled contracts with a number of luxury hi-rises in Manhattan, creating sleek and modern kitchens and baths that adorn multi-million dollar apartments and condos.

While Lapp shares that his personal style tends to trend more modern, he is always happy to work with the homeowner to truly create their ideal space, in their ideal finishes. Whether that means ornate carved cabinetry or high gloss acrylic cabinets in shades of bright orange and tomato red, he can help you make that vision come alive.

Kozy Kitchens also handles construction projects as they relate to kitchen redesigns. If you want to push out your kitchen and make it bigger, he can do that. He takes great pride in providing a quick, clean, job performed by a responsible, reliable team. It’s hard to ask for more when everyone knows what a hassle kitchen renovations can be. Living on a construction site, especially when you have kids, can be a gruesome ordeal. Lapp, also a father of five young kids understands that and ensures that his workers clean up every night and respect the homes they work in and the customers they work for. His goal is to be in and out of a job in four to eight weeks.

If you’re not looking for a kitchen right now but want to build something extra special and have your kids be your biggest fans, check out this top-of-the-line treehouse he built for his kids in his backyard. Complete with heating, AC, electricity, a built-in rock wall, zip-line, and swirly slide exit, this is every kid’s dream. There’s even a push button Shabbos lock.

And if you are thinking about a renovation of your kitchen, or if you’re building a home and want to make sure your kosher kitchen works for you, swing by Kozy Kitchens and get to know Aaron and learn a bit about what he and his team can do for you. Estimates are free and include complete 3-D renderings of your space. When discussing price, Aaron explains that although some have said his reputation is to be high-priced, when you factor in all that he provides including custom and semi-custom cabinetry, he’s confident that you’ll find you get more for your money plus a better experience and final product when you work with him.

By Tova Gold

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