May 30, 2024
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May 30, 2024
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Let Carrie Rose of Olive & Atlas Plan Your Luxury Getaway

Carrie Rose of Olive & Atlas Travel.

Olive & Atlas luxury travel designer Carrie Rose would love to plan your next getaway and as someone who has a passion for traveling and exploring new places, she knows exactly what it takes to create the perfect travel experience.

It was just over two years ago when Westchester’s Carrie Rose and her husband, Kevin, decided to travel to Greece for their 20th wedding anniversary. They had always loved to travel and go on adventures, but a special trip like this one was going to take a lot of research, planning and time that Carrie did not have.When, she started to feel overwhelmed about deciding which islands to visit, she consulted with an Olive & Atlas travel advisor whom her husband had heard about through a colleague.

From the start, Carrie “hit it off” with her travel advisor and described the whole process as “amazing.” The trip, it turned out, was not only spectacular, but also life-changing. “Every moment was perfectly planned and running smoothly. All I had to do was follow along and the itinerary just carried me.” She discovered a whole new side of the travel experience that allowed her to build in time so she could truly enjoy herself and connect with her family and new surroundings. “When you think of the concept of rejuvenating, connecting and enjoying, this is what that trip felt like.” Carrie says she “was instantly smitten” with the travel planning bug and inspired to start a new career as an Olive & Atlas travel designer.

Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy.

As it turns out, organizing major events was nothing new for Carrie who, for the last 25 years, worked as a public relations specialist in the pharmaceutical industry. She routinely planned countless corporate meetings and celebrity campaigns, focusing on the client experience and ensuring perfection down to the finest details.

Besides that, Carrie had always loved planning world-class adventures for her family, like the trip they took to Iceland back in 2016. In an Olive & Atlas blog post she shared, “It was such a far and exotic locale and I found that, once we committed to the destination, I was unsure how to start. But as I got to work and did the hours of research required, I discovered that I really enjoyed making the strange familiar.”

She continued, “I immerse myself in seeking destination and activity recommendations from every source I can find and do countless hours of research. I also make sure to include my family in the planning…I LOVE seeing a great experience take shape!Olive & Atlas is a full-scale luxury travel design business where we take care of you from the moment you leave your house to the moment you return home.” Describing it as 100% bespoke, Carrie explains that there is not one single itinerary for a client that is the same as another. “We don’t fit our clients into a schedule, we build a schedule around them.”

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

As part of the Gifted Travel Network and a member of Virtuoso, Olive & Atlas travel advisors can make any arrangements necessary for their clients, and no request is too big or too small. “Because of the level and caliber of work that we do, we have unsurpassed access to vendors and services to which the general public does not have access.”

The beauty of Olive & Atlas is that we can help you because we always have partners wherever our clients are going.” These partners are on hand to help Olive & Atlas clients navigate any situations at their particular destinations ensuring a fantastic, worry-free travel experience.

Olive & Atlas will arrange everything from flights, transfers, hotels and excursions, and vacation bookings are coordinated from a local perspective, in the local language. “Our partners know the ins and outs of these destinations, they know the streets and how to get around. They are familiar with each client’s specific itinerary, all the places where our clients stay and the distance to excursions. They are acutely aware of what makes for the perfect day trip. You are really booking with someone who is extremely familiar with the area.”

A veritable expert for kosher and homer Shabbos travelers, Carrie can help meet her clients’ needs for kosher food options and hotel room amenities, make reservations or set up delivery, arrange for reheating food according to halachic requirements, and even connect them with the local Chabad Houses.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

For those not sure where they want to spend their next vacation, Carrie advises people to narrow down their location with a list of criteria, from the type of weather to the kinds of activities they want to do. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is who is going. Is it a family with kids or a couple? And how much time do they want to spend at their destination?

Most importantly, Carrie says people need to have a realistic budget. They should know what their investment will be and what they want to get out of the trip. “We love making memories for people and giving them experiences in a way that really caters to them.”

When planning trips for her clients she says she approaches the task like she approaches motherhood: “Make sure people are well-fed, give everyone some TLC, and always make sure to get the job done with a bit of extra flair that they can appreciate.”

To book your next luxury travel getaway with Carrie Rose, email her at [email protected] or call 201-362-7883.

Benagil-Algarve, Portugal.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram @oliveandatlas_withcarrie

To learn more about Olive & Atlas, visit

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