September 21, 2023
September 21, 2023

Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Howdy friends! We hope everybody had a great Chanukah filled with song and light! I had a great birthday and Chanukah as we received the best gift ever: a new baby granddaughter via our son Joey Newcomb! Yes, he serenaded his wife, doctors and nurses at the hospital, guitar in hand. Welcome to the world, Zahava!

We are so grateful for all the feedback, calls, comments, email and direct visits from our loyal listeners. Full disclosure: We apologize for any delay in response. We’ve had a third-party interceding all of our correspondence and messages for a long while now, sorting through spam or other irrelevant pursuers.

We’re proud to be part of the Jewish Link family, a top-notch publication rivaled by none. New Jersey has been very welcoming to this former New Yorker. Highland Park/Edison at times seems like “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood,” where folks call you neighbor and cars wait for jaywalkers to cross.

There’s a nice variety of new music out this season. Eli Attias’ “Build It Up En3rgy” lives up to its title. Sruly Green and Thank You Hashem’s “R’ Levi Yitzchak” topped our chart. Dovid Pearlman’s “Greatest Gift” is a beautiful song from a beautiful neshama who just graced our community once again with his great talent. Benny Friedman, or Brother Benny as my son Joey calls him, has put out a new Chanukah album as I’m still listening to the song he did in collab with Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, “Emunah, Bitachon, Geulah.” Uri Davidi’s “Ani Chai” album is a great mix-something for everyone. Aaron Goldschmidt presents “Just a Prayer,” a special group effort including kids’ beautiful voices and a more beautiful message—prayer’s powerful: Our own family has seen prayers answered, gratefully.

Moshe Avigdor’s “Hallel” remains a past favorite. Parodies are timeless and enjoyable for kids of all ages. We had the zechus of hosting our rabbi for Shabbos. DJ Al and the rabbi took a trip down memory lane recalling Country Yossi’s music and radio show, singing zmiros of old, and who can forget Lenny Solomon’s classics? Our actual music library is vast, rivaled perhaps only by my Dad’s!

Date night for us always includes music. Our vision statement: The couple that sings together, plays together, learns Torah together, prays together and runs radio shows together—stays together—by choice.

We were delighted to hear of the Makor inclusive, all-abilities holiday minyan. We welcome everyone into our world except bullies. Music is a binding force. Shulem Lemmer and Andrea Bocelli sang together on behalf of United Hatzalah. I never realized that Mr. Bocelli is blind. His passionate performances are legendary. The Special Children’s Center held an event recently where Yakov Shwekey, Avraham Rosenblum, my son Joey Newcomb and others gathered in support. The real stars of the show were the students of course. I love when Joey “passes the mic,” demonstrating “we not me.”

We were guests on a respected podcast and asked if I always knew Joey would be a star. Yes, I knew. More importantly, I wanted him to know. As parents we hope to build our children’s confidence uniquely, encouraging expression, and permitting them to be themselves. I knew his golden character outweighed even his talents. As we choose to use our words to build others, we shine as well.

Our special live Chanukah radio show was great fun. We had many callers who actually went “on air” with us including Darren Glick, a passionate singer and friend, reminding us through his hit song that “Love Never Fades Away.” Impacting others aligns with our value of “service,” music is just one of our mediums.

Here’s a worthwhile question to ask ourselves as 2022 winds down: “In your own end-of-year review of your life this year, how many stars would you give yourself?” Accomplishing goals is empowering. Stay warm, friends! May we all celebrate simchas together in song and dance. Thank you Hashem!

Al and Sarah (Newcomb) Gordon own and operate 1640 WJPR, a unique radio station in hybrid format out of Highland Park/Edison, New Jersey. Al has been dazzling Radioland with his voice and personality for decades. Sarah, a writer, realtor and therapeutic healer is new to radio and new to the Gordon household. Together they hope to blaze a unique trail utilizing their special koach impacting their children, grandchildren community, many fans and all others as intended from above, one song and one smile at a time. #TYH Nation you matter! They can be reached at [email protected].

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