Saturday, October 24, 2020


Re-Elect Josh Gottheimer

Around the world, bigotry, anti-Semitism and hate crimes are on the rise. Just last year, we witnessed two tragic attacks close to home. On Election Day, it is critical that we elect leaders who will actively push back against hate of all kinds—candidates like Josh Gottheimer. Since being elected to Congress in 2016, Josh Gottheimer has


Where’s Waldo?

This is a couple weeks late, but my family and I just wanted to give you props for having the absolute nerve to make a Jewish “Where’s Waldo”-themed crossword puzzle, that appeared in the paper a couple weeks ago. That’s just so niche a subject for a specifically Jewish crossword puzzle, it was equally hilarious


Err on the Side of COVID-19 Caution

Since when is “above and beyond” a bad thing? I volunteer as Passaic County chair of a defense department activity, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. ESGR gives an “Above and Beyond” award to employers who have been especially helpful to their citizen soldiers.


New Jersey’s Tom Kean Is Running for Congress in NJ-7

There is something almost supernatural about election season. It is an exciting and electrifying time. Just look at the astounding TV viewership of the Amy Coney Barrett judiciary hearings to catch a glimpse of democracy in action and the spellbinding nature of the American way. Fox News dominated the cable news


Please Help Re-Elect Congressman Josh Gottheimer

In times of challenge, leaders show who they really are. The results speak for themselves: Josh Gottheimer is the leader North Jersey needs.

Since taking office nearly four years ago, Gottheimer has fought tirelessly on the issues that matter. As one of the most pro-Israel members of Congress, he has led


‘First Among Nations’ by Ira Mosen, Is an Outstanding Novel

Thank you for publishing the article, “Debut Novel by American Oleh Ira Mosen Explores Struggle and Perseverance in the Holy Land,” (October 1, 2020) by Pearl Markovitz, about the recently published work, “First Among Nations.”

As described in your


An Attitude of Gratitude

After reading the advertisement on page 16 of your last issue (October 1, 2020), we realized that not only did we disagree with the content but that we have a tremendous amount of hakarat hatov (gratitude) to our rabbinic leaders, our heads of school and our communal lay leadership. They are making decisions for us and


Necessary Funding for School-Linked Youth and Mental Health Services in Budget

During this time of upheaval and loss for so many families, we must provide our children with the resources to contend with the pain present in their own lives.

Youth-linked services are crucial to building strong and empathetic communities, by guiding


An Explanation Would Help

As Jews, we have a culture that is centered around open debate. The Gemara. Avraham and Moshe debating God Himself. The old saw of two Jews, three opinions.

Nevertheless, there are some things that should not be debated at the communal level. As a community, I


Vote in Teaneck Board of Education Election

There is an important School Board election taking place in Teaneck and it is important that we elect trustees that will help keep our children and schools moving forward in a positive, productive direction. That is why I voted by mail for Damen Cooper, Harold Clark and Danielle Gee. Cooper is a graduate of the Teaneck


Josh Gottheimer and the Frum Community

After reading a letter cosigned by eight individuals rattling off the sins of Josh Gottheimer, and another more troubling one from a group of Gottheimer’s supporters too afraid to identify themselves for fear of being attacked in shul, I did some research. Here’s what I learned.



Don’t Forget to Thank the Parents

Last year the yeshivas all celebrated a week-long teacher appreciation week. And at the end of this year we again thanked our teachers for managing to provide instruction online due schools closing due to COVID-19. While that was certainly the right thing to do, I think there was an underappreciated segment of our