Friday, October 07, 2022


More on Modern Orthodoxy And Religious Zionism

Thank you for the beautiful, insightful article written by Rabbi Elie Mischel, “It’s Time to Move On: From Modern Orthodoxy To Religious Zionism” (September 22, 2022). I was actually starting to write my own article when I read it, so here is my response.


There Are Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

In last week’s Letters to the Editor, the idea that children in our community rely far too much on technology was presented (“Technology in the Classroom,” September 29, 2022). Allow me to alleviate the primary concerns conveyed. As someone who has experience learning in both a non-technological public school and a


Apologies for a Possibly Confusing URL in My Recent Letter

In a recent letter, I referred people to a petition I made at tinyurl.com/n74uz7fr (“It Is Time for Another Type of Alliance” September 22, 2022). The period at the end of that was (in that letter and this one) the end of the sentence, not part of the URL to be typed in; the URL ends with the fr (and also lacks the hyphen that was


Technology in the Classroom

It was with great pleasure that I read about the “Living Connected” campaign in last week’s Jewish Link (“Living Better, Connected” September 22, 2022). I strongly agree with the premise: We as a community rely far too much on technology, and it is harming our children’s ability to build normal relationships. The fact that the


Musings of a Mad Scientist During the Days of Awe

Like so many others contemplating during these solemn days, as Moshe Kinderlehrer did in his article “A Pre-Rosh Hashanah Reflection” (September 22), I confess that I can’t envision what shamayim or Olom Haba look like. I doubt it is everyone dressed in white robes playing the harp or flying around on white wings, as commonly


Thank You, Yeshiva University!

I read, with great enjoyment, Rabbi Howard Jachter’s essay, “A Post-Wedding Expression of Hakarat HaTov for Yeshiva College” (September 15, 2022), wherein he, among other things, extended his gratitude and HaKaras Hatov to Yeshiva University.

I, myself, am a three-time alumnus of Yeshiva University. My years as


Integrating Single Parents Into the Community

I want to offer a few counterpoints to Rabbi Yair Hoffman’s column about how to support single parents, especially divorcees (“This Rosh Hashanah, Let’s Think of the Invisible Among Us” September 15, 2022). While the author offers some sound advice, he occasionally crosses a line from encouraging us to be good friends and neighbors to being


More on Munich

Regarding Ruby Kaplan’s letter to the editor, “Munich 11 a Continuing Concern for All,”

(September 15, 2022). Ms. Kaplan questions why “the 1972 Olympics was even held and approved to take place in Munich…. only 30 years after a most horrific


The Mar-a-Lago Search

I’d like to respectfully disagree with the “Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee Letter Regarding FBI Raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home” (September 8, 2022). They characterized the legal search of Donald Trump’s beach club and resort as “an invasion,” “egregious raid” and a “break-in.” In reality, it was a legally approved and executed


Turn the Sound Down

As a follow-up and in support of Rabbi Dr. Wallace Greene’s important article “Louder Isn’t Always Better” (September 15, 2022), I offer the following anecdote. In 1960, while I was in pharmaceutical sales, one of my clients was an elderly Italian ear, nose and throat specialist, located on Manhattan’s Upper


It Is Time for Another Type of Alliance

Thank you for your extensive coverage in the September 15 edition of The Jewish Link, of the New York Board of Education choosing to regulate the yeshiva system. As your editorial (“Why the New York Times Hit Piece and Subsequent Regents Decision Matters to All Jews”) states, this decision matters to all Jews, even


The Key to Understanding the Importance of Gottheimer … And It’s No Myth!

In response to the letter from David Hes, “The Gottheimer Myth” (September 15, 2022): If you’re choosing your congressperson based on any number of domestic or local issues, then I guess you’ll vote for your preferred party’s agenda, whether it’s the Republican or Democratic candidate. However, if the security

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