Saturday, January 28, 2023


Campus Antisemitism

Thank you for publishing Colonel Kemp’s excellent article (“Jew Hatred at American Universities,” January 19, 2023).

If I might add a brief complementary perspective. I was a graduate student at the University of Michigan in 1969-1970 during the intense anti-Vietnam War demonstrations. What we are


Rav Moshe Kahn, zt”l

Rav Kahn changed my life. He took an Orthodox girl from public school with imposter syndrome and showed her that she could have expertise in Halacha. Every new semester I would wait with bated breath for the class lists to come out at Drisha to see what he would be teaching—although it did not really matter—I always signed up for his class. He


Tribute to Rabbi Kahn, zt”l

I’m seeing tributes for Rabbi Moshe Kahn all over Facebook, and each one is beautiful and meaningful. Rabbi Kahn impacted the Jewish world tremendously with his decades teaching Gemara and Halacha at Stern College for Women. What none of the tributes I’ve seen have touched on is his heart. In March 1996 I was enrolled in Rabbi Kahn’s class


Male Breast Cancer

Dr. Neugut’s Jan 5 article (“Male Breast Cancer”/He alth Link) was an important reminder that while rare in men, male breast cancer does occur. One reason that the prognosis for breast cancer in men may be worse than for women is that men are more likely to be


ChatGPT Should Not Be Treated So Cavalierly

While I understand the urge to brush off a technological advancement that potentially causes harm to Jewish thought communities worldwide, I think it best to fully understand the threat, rather than “straw man” it, in order to determine our next steps accordingly. According to Rabbi Mendy Kaminker (“I Asked ChatGPT to Write a Dvar


Let's Show Up to Fight Antisemitism

Jewish Link readers are deeply concerned about increasing incidents of antisemitism. A powerful, simple way to show our Jewish communal response will be on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 9 a.m., when Matthew Mahrer and Christopher Brown are due in New York State Supreme Court, Criminal Term, 111 Center Street, Manhattan, room 733, before Judge Diane


Controversial Diet Ad

I hear that there is some controversy about the diet ad featuring the woman in the white shirt (the Dream Sculpt Body Spa ad, Jan. 6, 2022).

I just want to chime in with my two cents. I do understand what people are saying— that although she is fully clothed


Where Were the Kippot?

Last night, I attended the Bergen County community-wide MLK commemoration at Temple Emeth in Teaneck. Their sanctuary was packed. The honoree, an Episcopalian minister from Teaneck, spoke highly of their church’s partnership with one of the shuls in town in stocking and maintaining their food pantry. The mayor spoke, as did the county


Thank You to Our Parents

Our parents, Mark “Mendy” Schwartz and Karen Orgen, who are also our role models, have taught us that you cannot always control what happens to you, but you alone are in control of your reaction.

We are proud of you always, but now even more so as we witnessed your reaction to the events that


The Cremation Concern

In your most recent issue, Rabbi Ron Yitzchok writes of the “curse of cremation” and how this “plague (is) wreaking spiritual havoc” in the Jewish community (“Cremation: Who Would Have Thought,” January 5, 2023).

I’m staying away from


Body Image

I was enjoying my morning flip through of the paper, but when I got to one full-page ad I forgot which newspaper I was reading. I had to look back at the cover to make sure it was The Jewish Link. I have to imagine the Dream Sculpt Body Spa ad (and its logo) slipped through by accident. I’d sooner read ads promoting


Shocking Ad

As a longtime reader of The Jewish Link it’s my understanding that its central mission is to inspire, educate and inform the observant community by transmitting Torah-based values. Hence, I assume, all the many divrei Torah and articles celebrating chesed organizations or highlighting the goings-on of local yeshiva

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