Saturday, June 03, 2023


iDeclutter Success Story

Your very enticing articles by the iDeclutter lady was enough for me to take the Big Step. I met with Ellen and was more than satisfied by her keen knowledge, thoughts, know-how and follow-ups. I have moved forward on her suggestions. She has countless resources for items that I have accumulated, inherited, and wish to disassociate with.


Respectful Disagreement

I read Rabbi Dr. Joshua Waxman’s article with interest and respect (“Gittin 2a: Befanai Nechtav,” May 25, 2023). In it, he admits that the way he pronounces the word Nihtav as Nechtav is incorrect. Moreover, Rabbi Dr. Waxman did find this an important subject that is worthy of discussion. His final opinion is different from mine, but


Teaneck Is Full

Not literally of course. However, as you can read in Nechama Polak’s updates on local housing stock, as of last issue there are only 58 houses for sale in Teaneck, Bergenfield and New Milford combined.Now, I’d wager that at minimum half of these houses are either not in areas with a Jewish community, or are over $1M,


Don’t Print Ads That Exclude Pictures of Women

This is a request to reconsider printing advertisements that intentionally exclude women in their photographs. In the May 25 edition of The Jewish Link, an advertisement (Elizabeth’s Yeshiva Be’er Yitzchak’s 24th annual dinner, page 42) announced the dinner honorees for a New Jersey yeshiva. This advertisement featured the honorees,


Rabbinical Alliance of America Calls For the Immediate Release of Evan Gershkovich by Russian Authorities

The Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud HaRabbonim — representing over 950 American rabbis — calls on the Russian government to do immediate justice by releasing Evan Gershkovich, a Wall Street Journal reporter being unlawfully held by Russian authorities. Gershkovich is a Jew who was born to American immigrants from the Soviet Union,


Appreciate Our Country; Commemorate Memorial Day

Rabbi Helfgot’s letter to the editor (“Let’s Honor Those Who Defend Our Country,” May 11, 2023) was an important message to our community. As Jews, we must continue to show our appreciation to this wonderful country by attending events that commemorate Memorial Day. This demonstrates our appreciation to the memory of America’s war


Wrap-Up of the NORPAC Mission May 10, 2023

NORPAC was great. We’ll be back. We still need you!

10 Mission Successes

1. We had the wonderful opportunity to wake up at the crack of dawn, daven with a minyan at Keter Torah, ride down in the bus to Washington, D.C. to meet Members of Congress in


Elsie Foster for Highland Park Mayor

I want to go on record as endorsing Elsie Foster for mayor in the upcoming Democratic Primary that will be held on Tuesday, June 6. Elsie has been an effective and dedicated Highland Park public servant for over two decades. She has been a council member, served as council president, and this past January, she replaced former mayor Gayle


The Importance of the NORPAC Mission

I had the privilege this past Wednesday, May 10 to participate for the seventh time in the NORPAC mission to Washington, D.C. to lobby on behalf of the State of Israel. I consider it an honor and an opportunity in this sometimes great country that we are allowed to plead our interests to the seat of power for issues we hold dear.


Why Rally for Agunot?

I support agunot, but I’m not the “rally type.” Besides, will rallying even make a difference? There must be a quieter way of resolving the situation. And in front of the parents’ house? What did they do to deserve this?

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, you are not alone. Chanting


Let’s Honor Those Who Defend Our Country

Our patriarch Abraham’s famous description of himself to the Hitthites of old as a ger ve-toshav anokhi imahem was used by our great master and teacher, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, zt”l, for his famous formulation of our status as committed Jews in a predominantly non-Jewish society:



The ROC’s Pivotal Role In the Middlesex County Flag Raising Events

Thank you very much for the article on the flag raising events in Middlesex County in last week’s edition of your paper (“Middlesex County Celebrates Yom Ha’atzmaut” May 4, 2023). While the article summed up the events, in reality the accomplishment of having three municipalities in Middlesex County raising the flag of a foreign

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