Saturday, August 15, 2020

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Mask Up

I am writing in support of Nina Glick’s article titled “The World Is Topsy Turvy” (August 6, 2020). I too am worried and concerned about how many in the frum community have abandoned masking and social distancing.

About a week ago I had to go to a satellite office of Hackensack University Medical


Is It Time to Reevaluate The Trees in Our Town?

One doesn’t need to look far to see the damage of the tropical storm that struck [last] Tuesday. Just walking along the streets of Teaneck, you see 100-foot oak trees have decimated and destroyed streets, electricity wires, houses and everything in between. The major catalyst in the damage has been the neighborhood’s


Thanks to Rabbi Winkler

Many thanks to Rabbi Neil Winkler for his weekly commentary on the haftarah. Before the pandemic, I confess that I fell into the shul-going group Rabbi Winkler described that “failed to follow the (haftarah) reading carefully.” Typically the haftarah reading barely registered as a blip on my Shabbat learning


Yeshiva Tuition: A Community-Based Solution

The past few weeks have featured excellent articles and discussions on the topic of tuition assistance and how to solve the unmanageable burden placed on middle-income families to provide quality dual-curriculum yeshiva education to our children. I have not yet seen any practical solutions presented that can increase


On the Westchester AGI Tuition Assistance Plan

William Hochman takes me to task for not recognizing a “solution” that has been proposed by lay leaders to the unsustainability of our yeshiva day school system that I’ve been writing about (“More on Tuition Assistance,” August 6, 2020). I am well aware of the program in Westchester (and similar ones in other


Postscript on Tuition Assistance

I’d like to bring to the attention of the readers an interesting community directive from the city of Metz that relates to the recent discussion about tuition assistance. (“Is Tuition Assistance Tzedakah?’ July 30, 2020) We can learn from it the sensitivity a community must have for those that request tuition


School Choice Should Enter the Conversation

As the father of a yeshiva high schooler, I’ve been swimming in the tuition assistance cholent for the past decade. Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried to follow the well-reasoned points/counterpoints on this subject in the pages of The Jewish Link, but I have to admit one thing puzzles me. Why has there not been a single mention—not


Project Ezrah Truly Helps

Many organizations have stepped up during these "unprecedented" times. I have been the recipient of one of these organizations: Project Ezrah. In late March, I found myself laid off from my job. This was a new phenomenon for me, having worked for the last 20 years. The employment landscape has changed since I first started working. With


Children Heading Back to School

I fully empathize with Michael Feigin (“My Kids Will Go to School” July 30, 2020), and all other parents who are advocating for schools to open. I also recognize that schools plan to take all necessary precautions to safeguard the health of the children. However, nowhere in my article did I state that “all schools


Alleviating the Tuition Burden

I enjoyed reading Uri Herzberg’s piece (“A Proposal to Alleviate the Tuition Burden in Bergen County” July 23, 2020) in a recent issue of The Jewish Link. I appreciate the efforts being made by members of our community to deal with a problematic long-term issue that is painfully impacting so many. I have thoughts


Tuition Assistance and Financial Planning

I am appreciative of all the thoughtful and proactive letters and articles in the Link last week on the topic of tuition and tuition assistance. I was energized to read Mr. Rader’s article, "A Fair Tuition Assistance Formula" (July 30, 2020), about Westchester Day School’s adjusted gross income model, and would


More on Tuition Assistance

Thank you to the Jewish Link for providing a forum for the community to discuss the issue of tuition assistance.

It has been a few decades since my affiliation with our community yeshivot scholarship committees. From reading the many LTTEs and articles, it is