Friday, August 19, 2022


Important Election in New York

Early voting has begun for an important Democratic primary election, which will determine whether incumbent Congressman Jamaal Bowman will continue to represent the 16th New York Congressional District. Bowman does not represent the values and interests of the overwhelming majority of citizens in the district, let alone likely any readers


Agunah as a Blight

Kiddushin 6a has Rav Yehuda citing Shmuel that כׇּל שֶׁאֵינוֹ יוֹדֵעַ בְּטִיב גִּיטִּין וְקִידּוּשִׁין לֹא יְהֵא לוֹ עֵסֶק עִמָּהֶם , whoever isn’t proficient in the intricacies of divorce and


Free, Free At Last?

The Orthodox rabbis helping Lonna Ralbag receive her get from Meir Kin these past several years have put him in cherem. He has responded to their charge by saying that he indeed did issue a get several years ago at an Orthodox court in Monsey, and received from that court the permission to remarry, which he has done, and


Please Share Citations When Sharing Health Information

I am writing in response to Jill Friedbauer’s article “How to Choose Safe Consumer Products” (August 4, 2022).

Throughout the article, Friedbauer makes claims about the dangers of various household products and their ingredients yet not one of her claims is supported by any sort of citation or


Emphasizing Our Values Is a Good Thing

Steven Starr wrote a letter to the editor last week (“Change the Tone of the Conversation Between Israeli and American Jewry,” August 4, 2022). He is bothered that a religious Zionist newspaper, serving a religious Zionist community, often has writers who admonish us to make aliyah.


Kumzitz at the Kotel

Jewish pride takes many forms. Each year as Tisha B’Av ebbs, NCSY brings all of its various learning groups together at the Kotel for a moving kumzitz. Hundreds of teenage boys sit, arms linked and with deep emotion, and the fast with meaningful and appropriate songs. I am deeply touched to witness heartfelt singing


Continuing the Agunah Discussion

Having read with interest Rabbi Green’s letters, it is obvious that the rabbi has undertaken measures based on his sincere concern for the plight of the agunah to resolve satisfactorily for all parties.

I know Lonna well and she is a lady to be admired for


Agunah Update

In the previous two issues of The Jewish Link I alerted readers to the serious case of a woman waiting more than 18 years to receive her Jewish divorce papers, known as a get. I invited you, the readers, to make suggestions as to how to resolve this shanda.


Join the Inspirational ‘Foundation Minyan’ at Beth Aaron

Those of you who read this may have had the distinct advantage of having had a day school or yeshiva education. I did not!

I was the public-school kid at the NCSY Shabbaton that you would try to “kiruv” and bring me the education I was missing. I spent many a shabbaton humming the benching because I


The Agunah Issue

I was heartened to read the letter to the editor by Rabbi Simcha Green about “Agunah Loopholes” (July 28, 2022). The Agunah issue continues to be a terrible tragedy affecting Jewish communities all over the world; it has gone on far too long. Maybe the Jewish Link can list the names of husbands refusing to give gitten to their wives,


Helping Resolve This Agunah Shanda

Last week I wrote about this 18-year agunah problem with the hope that readers might offer some creative suggestions for a solution and resolution (“Agunah Loopholes,” July 28, 2022). In turn this might help the many rabbis working on this case to be relieved of their responsibility.

As is often the


The Tipping Point

In last week’s Jewish Link, there was an article about day camp tipping (“A New Approach to Day Camp Tipping?” July 28, 2022). Yehudit Robinson wrote a very detailed article with lots of ideas and opinions. As a former Camp Regesh counselor for four years, I have to say that yes, tips are appreciated and wanted, but they should never

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