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More Dire Than One Might Think

Normally, I would not write regarding a line in a humor article; however, in Jon Kranz’s “Oy Vey!” article in the recent November 18 issue (titled “Quintessential Koreh”), he touches on a matter regarding which many people may have misimpressions in serious contexts as well, and so I feel a need to correct any potential


Clarifying on Verbal Assertiveness

Thank you to Genene Kaye for her letter (“Beware the Language Used in Advice Columns,” August 26, 2021) regarding the August Verbal Assertiveness column on Negative Assertion (“Verbal Assertiveness, Part Three: Accepting Criticism Using the Negative Assertion Skill,” August 12, 2021). I apologize for this tardy response to your


It’s Time for Kids to Return to Normalcy, With or Without the Vaccine

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted by a local physician who believed there would be professionally and personally damaging repercussions if a name was attached.

I’ve been reading the back and forth in the letters section of The Jewish Link regarding children getting the vaccine. I’m glad


More on TVAC and Hatzalah

Having been intimately involved with the Orthodox presence on the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corp from day one, I’d like to tell you the story. My late husband, Rabbi Stanley Fisch, had a long history in Teaneck, starting with teaching at the Teaneck Jewish Center Hebrew School while he was single and an undergrad at Brooklyn College at


Objection to JQY Ad

Please do not publish my name as I am a teenager. I was appalled by an ad placed in The Jewish Link in last week’s edition. The ad was for a Chanukah concert by the organization JQY. The event was starring Leah Forster and Shlock Rock. According to Wikipedia, “JQY (or Jewish Queer Youth) is a New York-based nonprofit organization that


Indeed, What Happened in The Recent Election?

I am writing to add several points to Jeff Rubin’s letter “What Happened to the Jewish Vote?” (November 18, 2021). The maxim that “all politics is local” is apocryphally attributed to the late Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill. Regardless of who coined the phrase, it is a fundamental truth. Voters indicate a


Respectfully Disagree

I would like to thank Ms. Schreiber (“A Look at the Science.” November 18, 2021) and Mr. Reich (“Dr. Wisotsky: Please Be More Persuasive,” November 18, 2021) for their kind words and concern for our children. However, I must disagree with their conclusions, as the data does not support them. It is no secret that


Let the People Decide

On behalf of Bergen Hatzalah, we write to address certain misstatements and half-truths contained in the “Letter from TVAC” written by the president and chief of Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps (TVAC) and published in The Link’s November 19, 2021, issue and to set the record straight.


On Voter Apathy

Last week, Mr. Jeff Rubin wrote regarding “Voter Apathy” in the Jewish community (“What Happened to the Jewish Vote?” (November 18, 2021).

While Mr. Rubin is likely correct about the percentages of Jews living in Teaneck and the number of people that


Hatzalah vs. TVAC

There is a troubling issue brewing in Teaneck and I fear that most people are unaware, but shouldn’t be, and those in the know are tiptoeing around a delicate matter, trying to vacillate over the true problems it will raise.

I am talking about Hatzalah coming to Teaneck, and I only speak of Teaneck


Please Choose to Vaccinate Your Children

I have been dealing with long COVID for a full year now. COVID is no joke. It is now avoidable. You are putting yourselves at risk. You are putting your children at risk. You are putting the lives and well-being of everyone around you at risk. Please vaccinate yourselves. Vaccinate your children.


A Letter From TVAC

A letter was recently sent to Teaneck residents on behalf of “Bergen Hatzalah.” As the leaders of the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps (TVAC) we feel it important to address this communication, as lives depend on it.

First, the local rabbis in our community have not supported this initiative. In fact, in their



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