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Why ‘Kudos’ for Schmelz on Highgate Terrace Reconstruction?

Once again I feel the necessity of pointing out a significant inaccuracy in your paper’s reporting on Bergenfield. Last week you did a story on the reconstruction of Highgate Terrace (“Highgate Terrace: The Work Has Begun,” April 20, 2016) and the story begins with kudos for the mayor. The mayor has never had anything to do with getting the Highgate Terrace reconstruction project under way or completed. In fact, he used this project to attack Councilwoman Kornbluth in a campaign piece.

You are a newspaper, and newspapers are supposed to report facts. If you choose to ignore facts and editorialize, then please head the article with the notation that it is an editorial. But just a reminder, even editorials are supposed to be based on fact.

Charlie Steinel, Council President


Editor’s Note: Our photo caption that accompanied several photos showing the in-progress Highgate Terrace construction, was not a story but a few brief sentences. Residents had shared with us many emails over the course of last fall, indicating that Mayor Schmelz had communicated with them regarding the Highgate Terrace construction timeline and repeatedly interfaced with them regarding the reasoning for the delays. We apologize if giving “kudos” to the mayor in a photo caption was an inappropriate editorialization (or politicization) for a job well done. Please note we appreciate the work of the entire Bergenfield Council, the engineers, the architects and the workers who made it happen. We humbly offer “kudos” to everyone who was involved.


Kol Hakavod to a YUHS Inspiration

I attended the YUHS dinner as an alumnus of YUHSG (Central) to honor Mrs. Abby Lerner. In the picture which was printed in the article, she was accidentally captioned as the people who were honored as parents of the year while she was actually the guest of honor. One of Mrs. Lerner’s many roles at Central was the Director of Admissions. I had my eighth-grade interview with her and went to Central because of her. I felt as if I was having an intellectual conversation about Torah instead of having an interview. Although Mrs. Lerner only teaches seniors she is a part of everyday life of Central. She runs davening each morning and greets everyone with a smile. She inspires everyone to daven with kavanah and to appreciate the land of Israel.

When I finally had her as my teacher in 12th grade, it was truly an honor. She teaches a course called Women in Jewish Law and it contains every source material pertaining to women in Judaism. The class is always an open discussion but an in-depth textual analysis as well. No question goes unanswered. All the time former students come to her for kallah classes.

My close relationship with Mrs. Lerner continues today, 11 years later. I was able to go through high school with her, bounce chesed and kiruv ideas off of her and go through life cycle events with her. Her guidance has inspired me to be a better teacher. She is one of those teachers that you can never forget.

Shelli (Hoffman) Sussman

Central Class of 2005


Jersey City’s Liberty Science Center Reaches out Regarding Upcoming ‘Bodies Revealed’ Exhibit

Liberty Science Center has long been a favorite place for Jewish families seeking wholesome and fun science learning activities. The large numbers of guests we see here, especially at Passover and Sukkot, attest to the trust your readers have in us.

But we want everyone to know that from June to January we will be hosting an exhibition that is not kosher. “Bodies Revealed” features real human forms, organs and skeletons preserved for display and educational purposes. These are the same kind used in medical schools, such as the University of Michigan.

The show will be enclosed in a separate gallery on the 4th floor, but our Jewish visitors should know it is here before they plan a visit during this time period.

We are announcing this now to offer complete transparency to the Jewish community, and welcome any comments they may have. Questions may be directed to me at [email protected]


Elizabeth Romanaux

Manager, Advertising & Promotions

Liberty Science Center

Editor’s note: The Jewish Link reminds our readers with questions regarding this exhibit to contact their local rabbi or halachic authority.


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